Arca, a Venezuelan electronic innovator based in Barcelona, has recently released her latest album titled “KiCk I,” which features a blend of her trademark glitchy sounds and a broader range of musical styles. The album also includes a range of collaborations with other artists, including Björk, Rosalía, and Shygirl. In this article, we’ll explore the album’s diverse range of sounds and the exciting collaborations that make it stand out.

Arca’s “KiCk I” Album: A Diverse and Collaborative Offering

Arca’s music has always featured a mix of colliding sound worlds and destabilizing identities. Her latest album “KiCk I” continues to explore post-gender and non-binary selves, and it showcases a broader musical palette. And, they do this by featuring two adorable Chihuahuas in the production.

The album’s opening track “Nonbinary” is a stark and assertive statement on behalf of “self-states.” The album also features tracks that delve more deeply into Arca’s Latinx heritage, such as “Mequetrefe” and “Riquiqui,” which incorporate Spanish rhythms and voices.

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Arca ON KiCk I: ‘chaos and beauty’. Photograph: Hart Leshkina
Arca ON KiCk I: ‘chaos and beauty’. Photograph: Hart Leshkina

One of the most exciting aspects of “KiCk I” is the range of guest appearances on the album. Björk’s signature ululations feature on the track “Afterwards,” while the Spanish R&B diva Rosalía. And south London rapper Shygirl is also featured on glitchy party tunes. While the collaboration with Björk may not come as a surprise (Arca contributed extensively to her 2015 album “Vulnicura”). Hearing the Icelandic singer sing in Spanish is a shock.

Arca’s “KiCk I” Album: Collaborations and Musical Experimentation

However, the collaboration with fellow electronic musician Sophie, La Chiqui, isn’t quite the planet-tilting event that some may have hoped for.

In conclusion, “KiCk I” is a diverse and collaborative album that showcases Arca’s range and the exciting possibilities that come with collaboration. The album’s exploration of post-gender and non-binary identities is timely and important, and the range of musical styles and sounds makes it a must-listen for fans of electronic music and beyond.

Source: The Guardian

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