If you go through life and can count one good friend on your paw, err hand, you’re pretty lucky. That’s just how Augie, the 12-year-old blind pug, and his seeing-eye dog companion Pepe the Chihuahua feel.

Last August, Augie, and Pepe lost the only home they ever knew after their owner was diagnosed with a terminal illness. To make matters worse, Augie was facing some severe health challenges himself.

Thankfully, Colorado Pug Rescue (CPR) was able to step in and give them a foster home together. And having Pepe at his side has helped Augie every step of the way to a healthy senior life.

Augie and Pepe Make the News

Their awesome foster mom Cyndi Trimber calls Pepe an Emotional Support Chihuahua to Augie, who truly needs his support to thrive.

The Road to Wellness

First, veterinarians found that Augie had a heart murmur, but an echocardiogram showed it wasn’t dangerous. Then Augie contracted a mild case of pneumonia and thankfully pulled through with antibiotics and some cough meds.

image 2
image 2

Finally, after getting well, Augie was ready for the most significant step, surgery on his eyes. Although blind, his eyes caused lots of painful pressure. So, on Jan. 21, veterinarians removed them.

“Since I was already blind, there was no effect on my vision, and the surgery relieved me of pain and the risk of an eye rupture,” a Facebook post said.

image 3

And if all that wasn’t enough, the little guy had to have 14 decaying teeth removed because of severe dental disease.

image 4

Unbreakable Bond

Thankfully, Pepe was with Augie every step of recovery. And Augie came through like a dog with a new lease on life.

image 5

Augie and Pepe are like two peas in a pod; one doesn’t go anywhere without the other. They even eat and sleep together. Through thick and thin, they have each other because that’s what true friends are for. And hopefully, that forever home will come through for them very soon.

You can donate to CPR to help cover Augie’s medical care here.

Visit the Colorado Pug Rescue website to learn how to adopt Augie and Pepe, learn more about the organization, and see foster and volunteer activities.

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