On Saturday night we were privileged to be part of a very special reunion. A little dog that we took in recently was reunited with her owners after being missing for four years. Poppy was stolen from her home in August 2018.

A suspicious car had been seen in the driveway whilst her owners were out. When they returned that day, Poppy was gone. Her owners never stopped looking for her and a three year old girl never forgot her little friend. We’ve been told that they were “inseparable”.

Chihuahua lost in 2018 is found by the Owner 2

When Poppy was surrendered to us we scanned her for a microchip and there was one and so the process of re-registering her with us began.

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It was during this process that FIDO (the microchip database service) contacted us to let us know that Poppy was, in fact, a stolen dog! We were shocked but when we heard the story and spoke to her real owner (who was in a lot more shock than us!), we were so happy for Poppy and her family.

Chihuahua lost in 2018 is found by the Owner 3

Thanks to that microchip we were able to reunite Poppy with her family. It was a very emotional reunion for everybody. A little three year old girl is now seven and was very excited to hear she was getting her best friend back.

Thank you to everyone involved in this reunion.

Please microchip your pets!!

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