Cruel humans use poor dogs just to breed, and when they are not capable of doing that, they get thrown away like trash.

Boogie Shoes is a special Teacup Chihuahua, he is the victim of backyard breeding.

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The sweet dog was found dumped in an 110F parking lot in California, when he was only 8 weeks old, he got the name because of his stressful wobbly walk and perpetual shaking, which makes him look like he is dancing.

His cruel breeder got rid of him when he found out the sweet pup was a ‘’defective’’.

Boogie soon find his way to Palm Spring Animal Shelter, a no kill policy shelter, and after a lot of work and effort the shelter volunteers managed to find him a foster home.

Youtube / PAWsitive

Boogie’s foster mom, Alicia, made numerous vet trips, and discovered that the poor animal was suffering from cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurological disorder that affects coordination and his motor skills.

This is a permanent condition, and it means that sweet Boogie can never walk on a leash, climb stairs or play catch, but despite his physical limitations this sweet dog’s heart has love for everyone around him.

The sweet dog wonders if this world has a place for him, let us show him how cute is he and help by sharing this story so someone can give him a forever home.

Youtube / PAWsitive

Update: Alicia, the dog’s foster mom along with her husband decided to officially adopt sweet Boogie, seeing how the sweet pooch already got used to his foster home and how they learned the caring routine he requires they knew this was the best decision.

Sweet Boogie now has blossomed in a happy and cheerful dog, and enjoys his forever home.

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