Early last week, DogTime.com brought you the story of a dog nicknamed Freeway. They rescued the tiny Chihuahua in a Walnut Creek, California highway median. That was by a couple of caring Contra Costa California Highway Patrol Officers. He was reunited with his family, so the story does have a happy ending.

The tiny Chihuahua was quaking in fear on the median as cars whizzed by on the busy Interstate 680. Officers Alex Edmon and John Fransen used a bit of quick thinking to coax the little dog to safety. From there, Animal Services Officer Andrew Tara transported the frightened Chi to the Contra Costa Animal Services Shelter. There, they gave her some much-needed TLC.

Shelter staff couldn’t locate a microchip. So, the true identity of the dog and how she ended up in such a dangerous situation remained a mystery. While authorities searched for answers, Freeway rested at the shelter. The shelter staff wondered if anyone would come looking for the pint-sized pooch.

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The Chihuahua was reclaimed by two little girls and their father, and they showed their appreciation to the officers who rescued their dog. (Photo credit: Contra Costa Animal Services Facebook page)

Chihuahua Reunited with Family

As photographs circulated and word got out about Freeway across social media, one worried family searching for their lost dog for nearly a week recognized a familiar face on the Contra Costa Animal Services Shelter Facebook page.

Animal Services reported Thursday that two very happy little girls and their relieved father came to the shelter to reclaim their missing Chihuahua. Freeway, whose real name is Charm, escaped from her backyard near Highway 680. The family looked everywhere, and the little girls even took to their Instagram accounts pleading for help in finding Charm.

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Authorities thought someone must have left the poor dog to die on that freeway. Now, they believe that Charm dashed across several lanes of traffic and jumped onto the concrete barrier herself.

“We are ALL very happy for the family, who have learned a very valuable and expensive lesson in pet licensing, microchipping, spaying, good fencing, and the power of social media!” Contra Costa Animal Services said in a post on their Facebook page.

To thank the officers who reunited their dog, the girls drew a picture of Charm and two dog food bowls — one that said “Charm” and the other that said “Freeway.”

Source: Contra Costa Animal Services Facebook pageSan Jose Mercury News

Source: dogtime

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