More than anything, Andrew wants Champ the Chihuahua to get a wheelchair because his furry best bud was born without front paws. So, to make Champ’s life more accessible, the proud dog dad has raised money to buy Champ a wheelchair. But a recent surprise from retailer Chewy has changed everything.

According to his doctors, Georgia resident Andrew Kuzyk only has a year to live. Before he goes, though, his most desired wish is not for himself but for Champ, the precious dog who helps him face his daily battles with multiple types of cancer.

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A Bond That’s “Meant to Be”

After a car accident left him with a headache, Andrew underwent an MRI. He received a cancer diagnosis, but it wouldn’t be the only one.

“I’m what they call an anomaly,” Andrew told 11Alive. “Stage four brain cancer, melanoma, kidney cancer, bone tumor in my leg.”

Andrew explains that the treatments are expensive, “We lost our home in Arizona and had to sell pretty much everything. We had to pay for all the drugs and stuff.”

But Champ keeps Andrew going.

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“There’s something about when he’s in my lap, and when I’m cuddling up to him, it’s just like a divine feeling,” Andrew shared. “Like he was meant to be with me. I guess because I’m a broken soul, and he’s a broken soul.”

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“I don’t know what my mindset would be if I didn’t have — if I didn’t have Champ.”

Unexpected Surprise Makes Final Wish Come True

And for all the love and support Champ has brought to Andrew’s life, he wanted to be sure his boy would be taken care of when he’s gone. Because Champ was born without front paws, he hops to get around, but that takes its toll on the poor pup.

“Having no front paws is very, very difficult on his back. It’s harder to find a wheelchair for the front. It breaks my heart.”

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Despite his illness, Andrew and his wife Pamela have been working hard to raise funds for a wheelchair for Champ. But after his interview with 11Alive, correspondent Savannah Levins surprised Andrew with a video from Colman Muñoz with Chewy Gives Back.

In the video, Carlos explained online retailer Chewy had heard Andrew and Champ’s tale and “wanted to help.”

“We know that you’ve been working hard to secure the necessary funds to purchase a wheelchair for Champ, and we wanted to take that burden away from you,” said Carlos. “We’ll be giving you a front-support wheelchair, toys, treats, and some other goodies for Champ.”

Receiving the news, Andrew was touched, sharing, “That’s the nicest thing anybody’s ever done for us. I don’t even have the words.”

Thanks to Chewy’s generosity, all the funds Andrew has received toward purchasing a wheelchair can now be used to pay Andrew’s medical bills.

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