How do you feel when you have been separated from your loved one? Well is it all lonely and feeling so down and that is exactly how your pet feels during the time go somewhere for a period of time until you return waiting for you.

Dog depression is very similar to what we as humans go through. If a companion dog of their pack dies and your doggie is sleeping all day being very inactive and refraining from having food we can assume it to be depression which is just like human beings, they might be struggling with a recent loss too.

chihuahua puppy very sad
How does your distance affect your Chihuahua? 6

However it is best advised to contact your veterinarian if you see any sign of change in behavior in your pup. Dogs are very sensitive pets and they change very drastically to changes that occur in their lives.


  • Appetite Changes
  • Loss of Interest in things they love doing
  • Sleeping all-day
  • Avoiding
  • Being inactive
  • Licking paws frequently
  • Hiding in corners

So why is your dog depressed?

  • Death of companion dog or animal
  • Moving to a new home
  • Loss of a loved human or owner
  • Lack of affection and attention
  • Introducing a cat to your home

What can you do?

chihuahua lying lady leg
How does your distance affect your Chihuahua? 7

Dog depression can last for a short period like for a few days or few months, if they are taken care of in a right manner. If you notice that your dog seems to be depressed, first and foremost try to spend more time with it.

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Do things that you think will make him happy such as taking it on short rides, praising, give them extra attention, taking them on walks and rewarding them. If it’s due to a loss of a companion try to introduce it to a new companion if possible. Even playtime or much more common cuddles can make them feel loved.

chihuahua looks alone
How does your distance affect your Chihuahua? 8

If nothing seems to help your doggie and in severe cases contact your veterinarian and they can prescribe some medicines such as Paxil, Prozac, and Zoloft or even arrange a manner to help your pet get through.

But it is very rare to prescribe it for a pet as they find other methods that can cure your pet as they also tend to be depressed due to some underlying physical condition.

Despite all the things you provide it with nothing can match the love and affection it needs from you and that is the utmost thing they want in their life so love your doggie as much as you can and whenever you can cause you to mean everything to them.

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