For disabled dogs life can be really hard, since not a lot of people take their time to take care of them but instead dump the special needs dogs like they are trash.

Source: | Amazing Gracie/YouTube

Meet Gracie, she was just a newborn little puppy when her owners cruelly dumped her, she was later found covered in maggots and with missing hair under her eyes, due to a birth defect she had missing front legs, no one knew clearly what the poor animal had to go through until now, but life definitely will be harsh for her.

Source: | Amazing Gracie/YouTube

The sweet pooch was adopted by the Turley family, they run their own shelter, and already own a 3-legged Chihuahua and a paralyzed dog, so sweet Gracie was a perfect fit for the family.

But the family was worried about Gracie’s mobility, because she was growing so still wasn’t eligible for a wheelchair fitting.

Source: | Amazing Gracie/YouTube

A 12 year old volunteer named Dylan stepped in to help Gracie with a brilliant idea.

Source: | Amazing Gracie/YouTube

He built a makeshift wheelchair out of Lego, the chair can be easily readjusted while the dog grows up, the brilliant idea worked and sweet dog was able to walk with the help of her special Lego wheelchair.

Source: | Amazing Gracie/YouTube

When the dog grew up enough, she was taken to have her “forever” wheelchair fitting.

The dog now is a playful bright canine that runs around on her wheelchair having fun with her siblings,and chasing balls.

Dylan’s idea was so unique and impressive, we are sure Gracie was thankful for that wheelchair always.

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