The past year has been hard on all of us. Most states had to deal with quarantining, lockdowns, and isolation – making life quite overwhelming, to say the least. One thing that’s overlooked by many is graduating, leaving our youth to celebrate with gowns in their own homes. However, if there’s one thing we could learn about this situation is that a few good buds will make it all better.

A few years back, a Twitter user called Josh posted an adorable photo set of his special day. Even though this day was full of graduation caps and gowns, Josh’s Chihuahua still grabbed everyone’s attention. The Chi goes by the name Atilla and will probably need to use her “medical” degree to save our hearts from the overwhelming cuteness that her photoshoot brought us.


What Graduating with a Chi Feels Like

In this photoshoot, Attila the dog features a wonderfully fake black shirt lined with a nice little tie. This kick-ass outfit also has a pair of fake hands so that the Chihuahua can grab into her well-deserved diploma. On his head, Attila fancies a charming graduation cap that highlights her achievements.

This high-class outfit was gifted to Josh by his friend, who wanted him to share the graduation excitement with his furry friend. Thankfully, Attila was very cooperative and couldn’t wait to show off her mighty roar to all of Josh’s friends. For more obnoxiously-cute Chi dress-ups, make sure to check out our articles on Chewie the Chihuahua, the Beyonce pup, and Scot Willis’ Grandma.


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