Grandma may be an odd name for a dog, but Scout Willis doesn’t seem to think so. The 29-year old recounted the first time she came across Grandma, as she was running down in traffic, mindlessly of the danger. As Scot recounts, Grandma ran frantically around the moving cars until she went to a side road and fell on her back. Albeit playful, the silly dog let her worried mom pick her up from the street, and they have been together ever since. Scout remarks that finding Grandma was one of the most rewarding moments of her life, and she’s exalted about finding and rescuing her.

Scout Willis discovering Grandma

Why Scout & Grandma Represents all People with Pets

For those who unfamiliar with Scout Willis, she’s just another human that’s crazy about her pet (aren’t we all!). To others, she is one of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughters, while others may have seen her in Hollywood movies. Whichever category you are in, we’re confident you’ll be happy that the actress has put a roof over the head of an adorable chihuahua mix. In early August, the media saw her strolling around Los Angeles’s streets with Grandma rolled up on her beige fabric bag. The light-coated pup looks comfortable as ever, basking in the sunrays of the city of angels.

Boy Scout look: Willis was spotted wearing a gray sleeveless t-shirt with a brown scarf that was holding his grandmother dog

Whether it’s a chilly day or a heat-induced morning, Scout Willis ensures that Grandma gets the right amount of fresh air each morning. Granted, the puppy usually lies comfortably in a harness or bag, but she looks happy as ever nevertheless. In an Instagram post dedicated to the chihuahua, Scout said she simply can’t express how much she loves and adores the pup.

The actress explained that Grandma is one of her best friends and she has truly blessed her life. What’s even more interesting is that she didn’t even plan on adopting at the time. “She is the absolute dog love of my life!” said Scout, and we understand that sentiment completely. Earlier this year, we recounted how a man had experienced a similar situation, adopting a chihuahua mix he didn’t even know he wanted. After all, how can we resist the temptation when the lovely pups look like this?

Puppy pals: Scout often features Grandma on her Instagram page, along with her little sister Tallulah's pup Cowboy

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