This amazing story tells a tail (pun intended) of how smart and resourceful a Chihuahua really is. Continue reading to discover Louis XIV and his story.

This story of how mighty a little Chihuahua can be is told by Louis’s owner, Amour Rose January 25, 2020. Of course, with a few grammatical and spelling changes.

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How a Chi Named Louis XIV Stopped a Tragedy 5

“I was sleeping when Louis XIV started licking my nose very early in the morning. I just turned over and continued sleeping because I was so tired. Then he started walking over my head several times while whining. I thought he was hungry so I just said, “not yet, baby”. I usually give him his breakfast when I wake up.

It was still too early for his breakfast. But then he bounced up and down on my body like a trampoline. So I got up feeling really tired and confused. I looked at the clock, and it was 5 o’clock in the morning. I looked at him, and he ran to my bedroom door and whined

This was very abnormal, so I opened the door and he ran down the hallway.

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How a Chi Named Louis XIV Stopped a Tragedy 6

Louis the XIV

Then he stopped in the middle of the hallway and waited for me. I paused, wondering what he was doing. he came back up to me, then ran down the hallway again and stopped in the middle of it, looked at me, and waited. So I followed him to the hallway, feeling super groggy thinking he wanted to go for a walk or to play.

He headed for the living room and as I continued to follow him, I could smell the faint scent of burning in the air. I quickened my pace and when we got to the living room, I saw that there was a blanket draped over a portable heater, and it was smoking slightly. Someone had left the portable heater on overnight, and a blanket must have fallen off the couch onto the heater and began to slowly get hot and burn over the heater.

I quickly grabbed the smoldering blanket and turned off the heater. We later checked our fire alarm to see why it didn’t go off, it was either broken or maybe the batteries drained away, so we bought another one later in the afternoon and had it replaced.

If my little chihuahua, Louis not woken me up to warn me about the smell of smoke that his sensitive nose picked up, our living room may have been on fire.”


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