Simply put, Chihuahuas do not get on well with other pets. However, while this is true in most cases there are several things you can do to try to alleviate the problem.

How Chihuahuas and Others Dogs Get ON?, How Chihuahuas and Others Dogs Get ON?

Chihuahuas of any age normally get on well with their own breed. Several Chihuahuas in the same household can get along really well and keep each other company while their humans are busy elsewhere. Usually a new Chihuahua can be introduced into the home without causing any problems whatever the age of any other Chihuahuas already residing there.

Unfortunately this is pretty much where a Chihuahua’s tolerance of other pets ends. Generally Chihuahuas will not put up with the presence of other animals in the home. There will be fights and the Chihuahua will almost never back down whatever the size of the other pet.

How Chihuahuas and Others Dogs Get ON?, How Chihuahuas and Others Dogs Get ON?

This doesn’t mean that Chihuahuas cannot live peacefully with other pets. To make this happen you need to bring the Chihuahua into a home where other pets already reside, not the other way round. Another way of accomplishing this is to introduce the pets when they are both very young so that they “grow up” together.

The only other option to owning a Chihuahua and another type of pet is to make sure that they never come into contact. Obviously this is not a simple matter and very often an owner must decide to keep one pet or the other. This is never an easy choice and normally pet owners will try hard to find a solution that permits them to keep both.

How Chihuahuas and Others Dogs Get ON?, How Chihuahuas and Others Dogs Get ON?

If you want more than one pet, the best solution is to get another Chihuahua. As already mentioned this rarely causes any problems, much to the surprise of many Chihuahua experts.

It is amazing that the same Chihuahua that would never put up with the presence of a different breed of pet will become the best of friends with another Chihuahua introduced into the household. They will play, eat, and sleep together with very few problems.

They will also share their characteristic loyalty to their owner without becoming jealous of one another.

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