Lazy Chihuahua Dog On Duty Caught Relaxing

Whenever a sign appears on a fence or a piece of property that reads, “Beware of the dog,” people should take notice and heed the warning.

Recently, however, someone decided to peek over the fence surrounding a home. On that fence, the sign clearly stated, “Beware of the dog.”

Source: Woof Woof/Facebook

Lo and behold with cameras rolling, there was no barking nor guard dog in sight. There was, however, a tiny Chihuahua relaxing on a beach chair!

The Chihuahua could care less about anyone walking on his property. He is too busy taking a rest, chilling out, and enjoying the moment.

Source: Woof Woof/Facebook

The only thing missing from this video is someone holding a cool glass of water for the dog.

We think the sign should be changed to, “Beware, dog relaxing so be quiet!”

Source: pawbuzz

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