Whenever a sign appears on a fence or a piece of property that reads, “Beware of the dog,” people should take notice and heed the warning. But did you think that inside, there could be a lazy chihuahua relaxing? After all, it’s not easy being a tiny, adorable pup. They need all the rest they can get.

Recently, however, someone decided to peek over the fence surrounding a home. On that fence, the sign clearly stated, “Beware of the dog.” Anyone in their right mind would know better than to come close, but not this brave explorer.

lazy chihuahua, Lazy Chihuahua Caught Relaxing on DutySource: Woof Woof/Facebook

Lo and behold with cameras rolling, there was no barking or guard dog in sight. There was, however, a tiny Chihuahua relaxing on a beach chair!

The Lazy Chihuahua

The Chihuahua could care less about anyone walking on his property. He is too busy taking a rest, chilling out, and enjoying the moment.

The only thing missing from this video is someone holding a cool glass of water for the dog. Or, a cold bottle of pup-friendly beer to get those juices flowing.

lazy chihuahua, Lazy Chihuahua Caught Relaxing on DutySource: Woof Woof/Facebook

We think the sign should be changed to, “Beware, dog relaxing so be quiet!”

Source: pawbuzz

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