Sarah Griffiths shared a clip her husband filmed of her giving birth with a Snapchat filter of a chihuahua over her face – but it sparked a huge debate online, with some women claiming it would be grounds for divorce.

Giving birth is one of the most significant moments in a parent’s life – so it’s pretty standard for people to want to film it to remember the first special moments of your child’s life.

However, one man has sparked debate among women online after he filmed his wife giving birth with a dog filter over her face.

In the hilarious clip, shared online by his wife, Sarah Griffiths, she was seen in her hospital bed writhing around in pain – but in place of her face is the head of a chihuahua.

Over the top of the clip, she wrote: “POV: you’re in labor and think your husband is getting sentimental footage for you to look back on.”

image 20
Sarah Griffith was in labor while her husband was filming her with a Snapchat filter on 

Before she added the caption: “In his defense, this is our favorite Snapchat filter.”

The clip gained more than 1.2 million views on TikTok, with many users commenting to slamming the bloke for his actions.

One person wrote: “The way I would walk mid-contraction to my lawyer’s office for divorce papers.”

Another commented: “I see these videos, and it makes me so grateful to be with someone who’s not like that. Hope the baby turns out cute, at least.”

A third added: “I would be so mad, lmao.”

However, Sarah seemed to see the funny side, as she took to the comments to defend her man, writing: “I mean, I looked like this anyway, so he was doing me a favor.”

Several other TikTok users defended Sarah’s husband, writing: “That’s something my man would do just to make me smile.”

“This is hilarious,” another wrote.

image 20 1
Sarah defended her partner’s clip, claiming he was trying to make her smile. 

A third commented. : “This is the only footage I would want.”

Other women even said their husbands have done similar pranks with filters, as one user wrote: “My husband did the bald filter.”

A second said: “My husband did the same thing when we were on a date.

“I thought he was being all cute, and he posted it on his story.”

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