As a dog mom, sometimes you have to tell a little white lie, and that’s totally okay, right? Well, what if you’re not just a regular dog mom? You’re one of the most iconic dog moms in Hollywood. I’m talking about Paris Hilton, a known animal lover who first became famous with her beloved Chihuahua Tinkerbell in tow. The heiress/DJ/reality star/musician/advocate is known for her love of petite pooches and had TikTok cracking up over a video showing her bending the truth to her dog, Diamond Baby.

When Paris Hilton is your mama, you have to expect some mischief, and her latest April 20 delivers. The video starts with the Diamond mentioned above, Baby, who seemed like all she wanted to do was chill on the couch. But of course, Mama Paris is about to head out the door for the night, which all dog owners know could cause a little kerfuffle. “Mommy will be home soon,” Paris assures Diamond Baby, wearing a neon yellow bandage dress, matching sunglasses, and space buns secured with butterfly clips — did we mention she’s on her way to the Coachella music festival?

@parishilton When you’re a dog mom 🐶 but also a #Sliver 🥳 #Festival #Coachella 🎡 #ThatsHot 🔥#HiltonPets ♬ original sound – ParisHilton

Ha! “I’m lying. I’m going to be home late.” We saw that one coming a mile away! And she said it in true Paris fashion, too.

Judge her if you must, but we’ve all had to tell little white fibs sometimes, especially if you’ve got kids. “All moms walking out the door ✌🏼,” joked @sarahjonea. “Me telling my separation anxiety dog not to worry when I leave,” added @baylens.favorite.wife. And another commenter praised Paris for not hiding the ugly truth. “We love a real mom 😂,” wrote @akioaslan.

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