News 11’s Adonis Albright learns more about Smores’ recovery from the Yuma Humane Society. Meet Smores, an adorable Chihuahua mix brought to the Yuma Humane Society a few weeks ago after being attacked by another dog.

The incident left him with a fractured mandible. But thanks to the community, enough funds were raised for his surgery and recovery.

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Smores, the Lovable Chihuahua Mix 5

The Humane Society said none of this would have been possible without the unwavering support from the community.

“It’s 100% the community. It’s the Yuma community. There’s not one person that stands out more than the other. It’s just contributed funds from the community, which we are so grateful for. We couldn’t do what we do without our supporters”, said Kari Tatar, the Director of Development for the Yuma Humane Society.

Although Smores isn’t available for adoption just yet, he will eventually be looking for a forever home once he is fully recovered.

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The Lovely Chihuahua Mix

“He is recovering really well. He is in a foster home right now; he is being looked after really, really well. You can probably hear him in the background. He is excited, he’s back up and running and doing really well”, said Tatar.

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The shelter believes Smores is around two years old. He is potty trained and hardly ever barks. He also loves to play with other dogs, although he is still on the mend.

“Smores is a wonderful dog. I have one doctor who is with us right now who said if she could deem a dog perfect, it would be him.”

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Smores, the Lovable Chihuahua Mix 6

The Humane Society said Smores still has a few weeks on his road to recovery. In the meantime, he still needs your help to get back on his feet. Click here to donate.

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