These dog products are perfect for your little doggy, from an interactive slow feeder to Chihuahua-sized treats. Moreover, you’ll learn the dos and don’ts of pup care.

1. A reflective hooded raincoat with an adjustable strap.

So you and your Chihuahua can stay (mostly) dry and enjoy the rain safely.

image 23
Products From Amazon That Chi Owners Swear By 21
image 23
Promising review: “I got this for my 8-pound Chihuahua, and it fits him perfectly.” —Amazon Customer
Price: $13.99 (originally $14.99)

2. A medley pack of dog food is designed specifically for small dogs.

So you can feed your beloved Chihuahua grain-free pet food and rest easy. Moreover, this is handy knowing the portions are perfectly sized for their tiny bodies.

image 24
Promising review: “I have a 4-month-old mixed Chihuahua. I recently added a spoonful to her dry food, which she loves. I’m happy with the ingredients as well.” —Bigdaddy3
Price: $19.99 or Subscribe & Save for $18.99/month

3. A bright orange doggy life jacket with an under-chin flap.

So, that’ll help ensure your furry friend is as safe as possible on or around water.

image 24 1
Promising review: “Bought the small size. My Chihuahua-corgi weighs about 8 pounds or so. Fit pretty well. They didn’t flip her over or make her go under. I could trust her in the water and not worry about her drowning. The handle on top of the vest is also beneficial.” Adah Edwards
Price: $18.24

4. A slow-feeder dog bowl that’ll help prevent bloating and choking.

While promoting a fun and healthy diet for your Chihuahua.

image 24
Products From Amazon That Chi Owners Swear By 22
image 25
Promising review: “My dog (9-pound Chihuahua) used to eat fast and get bloated. This bowl helped slow his frantic eating habits and has worked wonders. This product gets an A+!” Anne
Price: $7.99

5. A bundle of eco-friendly, lavender-scented poop bags. 

So, they are entirely leak-proof. And, so you can make picking-up doodies smell a little better.

image 26
Promising review: “I use these bags because I trust they are environmentally friendly. I have a 7-pound Chihuahua, so the smaller size is perfect for my hand and her lil’ Tootsie Roll waste.” 27palmtrees
Price: $11.99 or Subscribe & Save for $11.39/four months

6. A professional strength stain and odor eliminator. 

For any accidents or unexpected messes on your fave carpet (or any carpet, let’s be honest).

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image 26 2
Promising review: “This stuff works wonders! Right away, it destroys the odor, then the more you work at it, they will get even old urine stains out. I have a chihuahua that can’t ‘hold it’ sometimes. Because I love this doggie so much, I’ll keep using those potty pads and my trusty Pet Odor Eliminator from Rocco & Roxie!” —Robin.

7. A ChomChom hair remover.

That’ll help eliminate unwanted fur from hard-to-remove surfaces. I use this for my two long-haired cats, and it’s a real-life- (and furniture-) saver.

image 26
Promising review: “I am in love with this little pet-hair-removing magician! I have five Chihuahuas who love to lounge with me on my bed, which means I have lots and lots of fur all over my bed. I had to wash my bedding every five days because of how bad it was. I have been using the ChomChom since yesterday, and my bed has almost no fur. It is easy to use, takes a minute or two, and picks up almost every hair. I’m so glad I found it!”

8. Fleece hoodie that’ll make your Chihuahua baby look good.

And keep them warm during the cooler months.

image 27
Promising review: “Perfect for a Chihuahua. I have a 5-pound Chihuahua, and this fits her perfectly. I like to put an oversized cotton-like sweater under this jacket for her so that it covers all of her back and arms.” Andre S.

9. A handy bandana with a kind.

Reminder for strangers to respect your Chihuahua’s need for space. So they don’t get stern barking.

image 28
Promising review: “It’s exactly what we ordered! It is the perfect size for my 12-pound rescued Chiweenie (above). We need this bandana to keep people from petting him while we work on his behavior.” Ruth Stanislawski

10. Gentle, calming jacket with an 80% success rate in reducing anxiety.

So you can help your Chihuahua feel safer during a thunderstorm or fireworks display or help with their general anxiety overall.

image 28
Promising review: “I have a Chihuahua with the worst anxiety. She is extremely leash reactive. I bought the shirt and the spray. The shirt by itself doesn’t do much since she hates clothes, but when you put the spray on the patch, she mellows out. Happy I opted for the spray. The material is nice and lightweight but putting it on her sucks since there is so much Velcro. It all sticks together as you try to separate it. And when you have a dog who fights to put on clothes, it isn’t always easy to get it on. The size is spot on, and the shipping was fast. If you’re going to buy this, make sure you pair it with the spray. The spray is what made everything work for us. When I tested it without spraying my other dog, which is extremely hyper, he fell asleep standing up. So I think it can depend on the dog.” —Adrienne Etienne.

11. A BarkBox two-in-one squeaky toy for the Chihuahua.

Who love to destroy toys and owners. Who like to make their money last as long as possible.

image 29
Promising review: “Usually Jazzi (Chihuahua) tears toys apart in first 24 hours. It took her weeks to break into this, and it’s been at least four months. There is still a little fluff left inside, but we are ordering her another one. This is her favorite toy, and because it lasted so long, it is my pocketbook’s favorite toy, too! Plus, it’s way cuter than most toys and washed up well in the washing machine.” —MC.

12. A pet grooming glove with silicone tips. 

That’ll make shedding season a whole lot easier. If we’re being honest. This is much more fun than a brush!

image 29 1
Promising review: “These gloves are the best. I am a petsitter and use many less expensive brands, but nothing works like these gloves. I bought a pair to gift for Christmas and kept the left for my 11-year-old beagle-Chihuahua. I didn’t brush her as no brush works until I tried this glove. Sadie loved being brushed with it.” —mitzybaby03

13. An organic, vegan paw protection balm to keep your Chihuahua’s paws.

Safe on hot pavement, salt, and snow.

image 29 2
Promising review: “I have a Chihuahua who refuses to wear booties in this cold Iowa winter. She has a tough time when it snows and then turns to ice. She can hardly move. I bought this hoping it would help her, and it has. I have only had a few days, but I put it on her, the as soon as I got it, she went outside and didn’t have any trouble walking. I’m very pleased with this product. I highly recommend it, especially for difficult dogs.” Lisa

14. A bag of soft, chewy calming mini treats. 

Made with natural ingredients for your Chihuahua for all their healthy snacking needs.

image 29 3
Promising review: “Zuke’s Mini Naturals Dog Treats are healthy, natural, low-calorie (approximately 3.19 calories per treat) treats for dogs. They are made in the USA, which I always appreciate. They are wheat, corn, and soy-free, with added vitamins and minerals. Best of all, all four of my dogs (two dachshunds, a French bulldog, and a Chihuahua) LOVE the roasted chicken flavor.” —The Pen …not the sword

15. An interactive feeding game and stress reliever. 

So that you can encourage your dog’s natural foraging skills. Alternatively, they can use this felt feeder in a comfy bed.

image 29
Products From Amazon That Chi Owners Swear By 23
image 30
Promising review: “Great for my picky eater Chihuahua; the dad uses it as a rug. —Saliany

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