Tortoises are not known for their speed. So when this fast tortoise charged toward a chihuahua, the dog fled in fright.   

Alison Eite, 27, from Chester, was dog-sitting Chilli the chihuahua when her tortoise Tuk set off in pursuit of the pooch. 

In her footage, Tuk can be seen running towards Chilli, who backs away as the tortoise gets close. 

Tuk the Tortoise and Chilli the Chihuahua

Chilli lets the tortoise get close and bends down to sniff him before running away again.  

In a Facebook post featuring the video, Eite wrote: ‘Of all the dogs Tuk has met, little Chilli definitely put up the most resistance and chased right back.’ 

Ms Eite said: ‘My dog Eddie, who passed in November, was very submissive to Tuk. And they got along great, other than eating each other’s treats whenever they could.

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In the footage, Tuk can be seen running towards Chilli, who backs away as the tortoise gets close

I’m wondering if Tuk feels as though these new dogs are invading Eddie’s space.’ 

Ms. Eite added: ‘Tuk is friendly and loving and recognizes people he loves instantly.

‘He holds a grudge if I put him away when he wants to be out. And, he is always grumpy with me when he wakes from hibernation.’ 

Last month, Ms. Eite said Tuk ‘took an instant dislike’ to a little cavapoo called Milo she was dog-sitting for the week. 

She said: ‘Although I’ve seen Tuk move quickly before, I’ve never seen him run as quickly as this.’ 

The tortoise was acquired at a street market in Morocco 20 years ago and taken back to England, Ms. Eite added. 

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Chilli even runs inside to get away from the tortoise. Tuk’s owner Alison Eite said that Chilli is the dog who has put up the most resistance out of all the dogs Tuk has met 


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