Meet Lilly, a collection of 1,000 dresses, 50 glitzy collars, and leads…

It’s kind of hard to resist the sight of a dog wearing a miniature outfit, but dog groomer, Sian Butler, 20, from Kent. Takes it to a whole new level she says she has spent $12,952 (£10,000) on her pet chihuahua’s wardrobe!

Meet Lilly, who has a collection of 1,000 dresses, 50 glitzy collars and leads...

She is now something of a social media star thanks to her outlandish wardrobe. With 17,000 Instagram followers eager to see what she wears next.

‘Lilly loves wearing dresses, she has over 1,000 of them and each cost around £100,’ says Sian.

image 12 16
The Woman who Spends over $12 on her Chi's Dresses 14

‘I tend to wear jeans and a jumper or t-shirt but Lilly always goes for the glamorous look, I think it suits her the most.’

‘Lilly definitely has more clothes than me but I don’t mind, I wouldn’t have it any other way.’

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The Woman who Spends over $12 on her Chi's Dresses 15

Sian adds that she’s inundated with messages from Lilly’s fans on Instagram. And she insists her pet loves being dressed up and having her picture taken.

‘Most of Lilly’s clothes are handmade so you can’t get her style on the high street.’

image 12 18
image 12 18

Sian, who lives with her parents, adopted Lilly back in 2015.

image 12 19
image 12 19

At first, I was buying Lilly a new dress every week,’ she says.  ‘It was costing me a small fortune but seeing her looking so adorable made it impossible to stop.’

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‘But now I have calmed the spending down a bit and tend to buy her something new every few weeks instead.’

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The Woman who Spends over $12 on her Chi's Dresses 16

‘Lilly is often stopped in the street because of her style, I suppose it’s not every day that you see a dog in a huge puffy dress.’

Lilly has even had some modeling experience.

image 12 21
The Woman who Spends over $12 on her Chi's Dresses 17

‘She loves the camera so it made sense to do a few modelling shoots with her,’ Sian says.

‘We’ve entered her into doggy pageants too and she has been placed first place as the most beautiful and best dressed.’

image 12 22
The Woman who Spends over $12 on her Chi's Dresses 18

‘I always aim to find Lilly the most extravagant dresses and that’s one of the main reason we get them all handmade.’

‘She has a lot more designer things than most people. Let alone dogs, but one of my favorites is her Louis Vuitton collar and lead.’

image 12 23
The Woman who Spends over $12 on her Chi's Dresses 19

‘She happily sits there patiently while I dress her. And unlike other dogs, she doesn’t try and take her hats or clothes off.’

‘Lilly can be quite bossy but she’s a good little girl and despite her diva ways, she loves nothing more than being cuddled and going on walks.’

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The Woman who Spends over $12 on her Chi's Dresses 20

Well, Lily is probably one of the luckiest dogs on earth considering how much attention she gets!

image 12 25
image 12 25

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