Don’t let those custom-made high fashion outfits fool you. This sassy little Japanese Chic Chihuahua will straight-up MURDER a strawberry gave the opportunity.

Who me? So innocent

Chiwabara turns into a feisty little Terminator when presented with a treat. Does she think she’s channeling her inner wolf? Does she think she has to attack before the berry gets her first? We may never know.

Attack mode: on Target: Tasty fruit

Chic Chiwabara shares her life with four other petite Chihuahuas, living a life of fashion and luxury in Japan. Their mom Kochobo crafts the fashionable outfits and poses her fuzzy models in various settings, from gardens to luxurious indoor settings.

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It’s called fashion. Look it up.

Have you ever thought of meeting a Chihuahua who presents to the world of fashion?
There you have it!
Beautiful, and stylish, he even posed very nicely.

Seeing red

A chihuahua eating strawberry, can you imagine?
As long as you watch it, make sure to have strawberries e close to you.

Majestic as heck

I present to you a great dog.
There is a kind of crown on the head. Tell me, what do you think of this beauty here?

Being this beautiful is hard work

You can follow this fashionable gang of Chihuahuas on Facebook and Instagram.

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