He has more designer outfits than the average woman and sulks unless he changes at least three times a day.

Known as Britain’s best-dressed pooch, meet two-year-old diva dog Rocky. Who has an extensive wardrobe of 1,500 outfits worth a staggering £2,500.

His devoted owner Lynsey Noble, 26, spends more on his clothes every year than the average British woman spends on herself. And even wheels her pampered pooch around in a designer baby buggy.

image 12
Keeping it real: Rocky poses up in one of his 1,500 outfits which owner Lynsey Noble has spent more than £2,500 on

Rocky rotates through his 1,500 designer outfits.

Up to ten times daily, Rocky rotates through his 1,500 designer outfits. Including fancy dress costumes of an elephant, dinosaur, panda, bumble bee, zebra, Superman, and his favorite hot dog.

And no style icon would be complete without their fashion staples, which for Rocky includes 15 t-shirts. Three tracksuits, six hoodies, four coats, and three body warmers.

Rocky’s sharp sense of style is so great, his owner’s boyfriend. Daniel Judge, 27, a metal worker, now sees him as a rival for Lynsey’s affections.

The beautician takes her four-legged friend everywhere and even shares a bed with him.

Lynsey said: ‘My friends and family tease me about how much I pamper Rocky, but I don’t care.

‘I call him my little fur baby and love nothing more than spoiling him rotten.

‘I don’t dare work out exactly how much I have spent on him he has more clothes than me.

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‘If I see something and like it, I buy it. And If it’s’ in Rocky’s size, it is destiny, and he has to have it.”

Rocky was adopted by Lynsey of Maidstone, Kent, when he was just ten weeks old, which is when the big spending pampering began.

Since then, the pair have never spent a night apart.

Like any severe fashionista spoilt, Rocky, who won Mr. Pageant Pooch 2011. Can pick from an accessory draw of more than four scarves. Baseball hats, vests, and bow-ties.

He also has sunglasses, a guitar, a microphone, and 12 lead and collar sets in every color of the rainbow.

Research for the Clothes Show Live found that women spend around £1,000 a year on clothes and generally own 100 different items.

Mutt Rocky is never far from his products. Including doggy shampoo, which he enjoys during luxury baths with his especially bought floating rubber ducks.

The fussy pet also believes you should only put beautiful food into a beautiful body. So he refuses to eat anything except boiled chicken every day.

Lynsey says Japan and South Korea

Lynsey says Japan and South Korea are the best places to buy pet costumes and treats.

She said: ‘But I will never make Rocky wear anything he doesn’t feel comfortable in. He doesn’t wear shoes because he cannot walk properly in them, which would be mean.

I’d probably get in trouble if I admitted to all the places I take Rocky with me in my doggie handbag.

image 12 1
Too posh to walk: Lynsey Noble wheels Rocky around her hometown – but she says she would never force her’ fur baby’ to wear anything he didn’t want, like shoes
image 12 2
Dino doggie style: Although Rocky is in camouflage as a dinosaur, the pampered pooch is still very noticeable in his designer gear
image 12 3
Ghetto guy: Rocky shows off one of his designer tracksuits which, like all his other outfits, fits perfectly
image 12 4
Bee-auty! Rocky – who won Mr. Pageant Pooch 2011 -loves his bumble bee outfit but on dress-down days still has a wide range of accessories such as bow ties to go with plainer outfits

Rocky, whose most expensive outfit is his £39 dinosaur suit. He even has his own Facebook page with over 1,000 doggie friends with whom he swaps style tips.

This week, a recent survey by pet website patent 360.co.uk revealed that 71 percent of people in the South East regard their pet as one of the family.

image 12 5
Posh pooch: Not content with having an array of designer outfits, devoted owner Lynsey Noble even forks out for accessories such as guitars or tiny chairs and only feeds Rocky boiled chicken
image 12 6
Paws for thought: Rocky is said to sulk unless he gets at least three costume changes a day – his owner Lynsey said if she sees an outfit in his size, she has to buy it as it’s fate
image 12 7
Panda eyes: Owner Lynsey calls Rocky her ‘fur baby’ and doesn’t deny him any treats saying her pet now turns heads wherever she wheels him (in his bespoke wheelchair)
image 12 8
As well as decorated T-shirts and designer coats, Rocky owns a wide range of accessories, including a guitar and a microphone.

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