Placer County is a Californian region where not much action happens. However, that perception changed when the 73-year-old Carl Moore went berserk on a wild animal. The ex-marine claims to have “smacked” a five-foot bear in the head when he threatened to hurt his dear Chihuahua.

Lacy, who is Carl’s beloved Chihuahua pet, had come across the bear when she was strolling about just outside her home. To Carl, the tiny Chi means the entire world, so he wasn’t going to put up with anything happening to her. As he told CBS News, he loves Lacy “like a daughter.”

An old man punched a bear in the face to save his tiny dog, is a legend

How the Placer County Hero Saved His Chihuahua

When he saw that the bear was approaching Lacy, Carl immediately put both of his hands up in an attempt to scare him away. The thought of an ex-marine’s blood rising may be scary to us, but the stubborn bear didn’t seem to budge. Carl even went on to cuss the bear out, but all he got in return was a poker face. Carl is not one to run away, so he knew what he had to do next.

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“The man or beast that I run from ain’t been born. And his mama’s already dead” – said Carl, in a fantastic manner. And so it was because he rapidly began charging towards the bear. What Carl described as a “whirling haymaker” was a punch that supposedly set the bear running away from the Chihuahua. With an injured pride and a story to tell, the attacker quickly left Carl’s property.

What sounds like an absolute fever dream is very much an occurrence. At least, that’s what Carl’s longtime friend told the news network when interviewed about the cockfight. John, the friend, said that Carl nearly “corkscrewed” the bear’s head, so who are we to doubt the tale? After all, dog lovers are known to go above and beyond for their pets, so we can only wish Carl and Lucy the best.

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