After rescuing a chihuahua who had been missing for almost a week in the frigid outdoors of Regina, the woman who organized the successful search and rescue party wants to keep the happy endings coming. Here’s Chihuahua Clyde’s story.

“Based on the success of Clyde’s story, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the experience and help others in the event their loved one goes missing,” said Kayla Kurcin, who recently created a Facebook page dedicated to helping find missing animals.

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Rescue dog Rocco follows a scent into the snowbank where his canine brethren Clyde was rescued a day earlier. Dave Parsons / Global News

“There’s a detective aspect to it, like Ace Ventura. I kind of like that.”

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Chihuahua Clyde’s Heroic Rescue 10
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Chihuahua Clyde’s Heroic Rescue 11

Photos show the moment Clyde was rescued from under a shed five days after first going missing. 

Clyde 2
Photos show the moment Clyde was rescued from under a shed five days after first going missing. Courtesy: Kayla Kurcin

Chihuahua Clyde’s First Discovery

Kurcin first noticed that Clyde the chihuahua had gone missing last Saturday when she saw his owner posting in local lost and found Facebook pages. That’s when she decided to set up a page dedicated to rescuing Clyde.

The page took off almost immediately.

“It was pretty crazy. There were over 300 members wanting to bring him home,” she said.

Many of those members offered to canvass Chihuahua Clyde’s neighborhood. And, for days combed nearby streets, following up on potential sightings reported on the Facebook page.

Clyde 3
Photos show the moment Clyde was rescued from under a shed five days after first going missing. Courtesy: Kayla Kurcin.

Volunteers brought out snow fences, and even a trail camera to help in the search.

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On Thursday afternoon, a tip came in that Clyde was under a shed on a property near Ring Road and Victoria Ave.

“We set up snow fence all the way around the property. There were about ten members all the way around the shed. I crawled in between the two sheds and spotted Chihuahua Clyde’s face. I offered him some treats but hewouldn’t budge. So I grabbed him by the paws and pulled him to safety. Then I wrapped him in a blanket and home he went,” she recalled.

Clyde 5
Photos show the moment Clyde was rescued from under a shed five days after first going missing. Courtesy: Kayla Kurcin

Going Beyond Chihuahua Clyde’s Story

“It was emotional and definitely intense. It was a happy ending for everybody.”

After witnessing the local community come together to find Clyde, and helping to coordinate the search, Kurcin rebranded her page to “Kake’s Animal Rescue Mission.”

“There’s lost and found pages. And there are rescue groups that do fosters and adoptions but there’s not any kind of pages for search and rescue.”

She said she’ll monitor local lost and found pages, but also invited those who may have lost a pet to reach out to her page directly, where she can then reach out to see if any group members are available to begin the search.

“Clyde’s not my first success story and he won’t be my last. I am hopeful with the page I have set up that I can continue my journey as a pet detective!”

IMG 1764
Rocco, a 4-year-old shepherd cross, might be headed to the classroom soon. His owner Kayla Kurcin is planning to have him formally trained for search and rescue. Connor O’Donovan / Global News

The Future of Rescuees

Kurcin, who has a “full house of rescues”, said she’s motivated by a passion for saving animals from unhappy fates.

“Rescuing animals is my passion. It’s what I love to do,” said Kurcin, who once helped successfully coordinate a rescue from her phone while on the beach in Mexico. “I don’t know any of these people or the animals themselves but it’s my passion to help reunite people.”

She said if the page continues to be popular and successful, she hopes to have her rescue shepherd cross Rocco.

Source: globalnews

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