The internet is probably a large container with strange and funny photos. Also, informational contents that are less pleasant and fewer sweet and exceptional tools. Without filters, consisting of capturing the truth of things, both in their ries and in their beauty. Let we read about a homeless man who sleeps with his dog.

So it happens that each now during a shot flowing through a window like a face. The moving scene appears, which makes you silent and invites you to reflect some moments about the value of truth.

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On Instagram posted the image of a homeless man holding a dog on his arm. A scene that contains the equivalent of the sadness of misery but the tenderness of compassion and, therefore, faint hope. As often happens, everyone tends to ensure what they need, touch as in the Rorschach stain test. It tasks out what they genuinely convey inside.

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Among the possibility of reading, someone cannot help but think that this photo conveys a vital message even though it represents poverty and what it means to measure on the road. That person and his puppy rest calmly, giving one affection and luxury. Foreigners are not alone but can trust the unconditional love of a loyal friend, a guardian soul without wings but with four paws.

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