When his marriage of 17 years abruptly ended, Bobby Humphreys’ life was completely derailed. The one thing that pulled him out of the jaws of profound depression was babysitting his friend Connie’s son’s Chihuahua. That’s when he got the idea for the big guy Chihuahua sanctuary.

Welcome to the Big Guy Chihuahua Sanctuary

While trying to find his own puppy to love, Bobby stumbled upon dog after dog in horrible situations. They were hurt, sick, pregnant, dumped by unscrupulous backyard breeders, and worse. The idea for Bobby Humphreys Chihuahua sanctuary became even more urgent.

Rise and Shine

Bobby hired Connie to help him care for his Chihuahua pack—currently up to 32 members, thanks to two pregnant rescues. You can go ahead and give Big Guy, Littles World Sanctuary a follow. There, you can discover more adorable videos, and learn more about the individual pups on the big guy Chihuahua sanctuary.

Bobby Humphreys Chihuahua Sanctuary

On one of these posts, we can see the sweet giant talking about his pup paradise.

“I apologize that my voice is a little muddled in this, it’s simply because Thor’s on my trachea LOL. Just want to let you know how much I appreciate everybody’s support.

We had a big day today between cleaning the floors. Having all the dog’s nails clipped by some wonderful friends of the page. Then of course there’s the little issue with apparently going viral LOL.

I’ll have posts tomorrow for you on the dogs grooming and their nails. And like I said in the video it looks like we’re getting some snow tonight. And many of my Littles love the snow including Georgie. #bigguylittlesworld.”- Bobby wrote.

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