PewDiePie introduces his new pug, Momo, in his latest video on YouTube. As we planned, Pewdiepie’s pup is sweet, tiny, and adorable. This follows the news that PewDiePie mourns the passing of Maya, his 17-year-old pug featured heavily in his videos and other media. He announced on Instagram days before this video.

In his video ‘Lot of big changes lately..‘, PewDiePie introduces Edgar, his other, livelier pug, to the newest member of their family, Momo. Momo is a ‘chug,’ born from the love between a Chihuahua and a Pug, so she’s not the same breed as Edgar and the older sister, Maya. Still, PewDiePie called himself in the video the ‘King of Pugs.’

YouTube video

The new pug, Momo, was seen frolicking inside PewDiePie’s home in the video. A chunk of the video just showed Momo playing around PewDiePie’s face. Some part of it showed her biting at a single fluffy slipper.

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Pewdiepie’s Pup

But for the most part, Momo was sleeping on her bed, which is a suitable activity for a puppy her age. Meanwhile, PewDiePie and Edgar went out to buy materials for a playpen for their newest family member so that Momo could run around safely without any risk of loss or injury.

Maya could still meet Maya, as the two had a staring contest in the video. However, it was clear from the video that Maya has grown old, blind, and deaf due to her age. She was primarily seen lying on her bed or a couch, covered with heavy blankets.

PewDiePie would acknowledge Maya’s passing at the start of the video, but since it was filmed back in November, Maya was still around to make an appearance. This could mark Maya’s final appearance on PewDiePie’s channel.

Still, we happily welcome the addition of Momo to the family so that Edgar wouldn’t feel too lonely and sad with the passing of his beloved older sister.

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