If you own a Chihuahua, chances are you share your life with them. But even though your Chihuahua already has a pretty good life, there are ways to make it even better by strengthening your bond with them. In this article, we’ll share three excellent ways to bond with your Chihuahua.

1. Foster a Strong Bond

Chihuahuas, being notably mini yet impressively territorial creatures, are known for their deep affinity towards their owners. They get a unique comfort and security by simply being around their favorite humans.

Comforting activities such as snuggling up in your lap for a nap often make them feel loved and cherished. Catering to such simple yet profound joys has the potential to strengthen the pet-owner bond significantly. 

Indulge in your petite pet’s desire to snuggle. Keeping your Chihuahua close not only satisfies their instinctual territoriality but also intensifies the close-knit bond your tiny canine companion has with you.

Such acts of love and closeness translate into an enriched bonding experience for both, offering a profound sense of attachment that only flourishes with time.

  • Consider carrying your Chihuahua in a carrier designed for small dogs.
  • Hold your Chihuahua in your lap and pet it while you watch TV.

Feed Your Chihuahua

There’s a fun, simple, and effective tick to bonding with your Chihuahua – establishing a routine feeding time! Doing so not only helps manage your playful buddy’s anxiety levels but also leads to a more harmonious relationship between you two.

The joy of feeding times assures your Chihuahua that it’s an important time of the day, making your pet feel loved and cared for. 

Now, here’s the best part. Each time you feed your Chihuahua, you create a wonderful, positive association in its mind. Your furry friend starts to connect you with something it inherently loves—food! It’s a brilliant way to claim your spot as their favorite human companion. So, get the kibble ready, it’s bonding time.

How to bond with your Chihuahua? Illustrated by a dark brown pup reaching for her owner
How to bond with your Chihuahua? Illustrated by a dark brown pup reaching for her owner

By consistently feeding your little furry friend at the same times every day, you not only help to reduce their anxiety levels but also foster a sense of trust and security. This routine makes your Chihuahua feel more comfortable and at ease with you. 

The magic lies not just in the act of feeding, but also in the powerful, positive association it creates. Each time you fill their bowl, your Chihuahua begins to connect this happy moment to you.

  • Avoid leaving the food in the bowl all day. Instead, give the dog its food at mealtime. You want your dog’s positive association with feedings to be with you and not the bowl.
  • Because Chihuahuas can develop such intense bonds with one person, make sure that you are the one feeding the dog. If someone else is feeding it, your Chihuahua may end up bonding with them.
  • Command your Chihuahua to sit and stay before you set its food bowl down in front of it. Also, make it wait for your command before it starts eating. This will establish and reinforce some rules for good behavior.
  • Giving your dog a treat now and then will also strengthen its affection towards you.

Groom & Pet Your Chihuahua

Grooming and petting your cuddly Chihuahua is more than just a maintenance routine – it’s a chance to forge deeper emotional connections!

Imagine, with each stroke of your pet’s fur while it cozies up in your lap, you’re gradually releasing calming hormones into its little body, easing its anxiety and enhancing its bond with you. Isn’t that heartening? 

Owners of long-haired Chihuahuas, this one is particularly for you. Regularly brushing your fluff ball doesn’t just keep its coat gleaming and tangle-free.

What’s more exciting, each touch further strengthens its bond with you, anchoring your place securely in its heart, making you inseparable buddies in no time!

  • Washing your Chihuahua and clipping its nails will also help strengthen your bond.
  • Because they tend to only bond with one person, you should groom your dog and avoid hiring someone else to do it. Your Chihuahua may react negatively to someone else.
How to bond with your Chihuahua? Illustrated by a man kissing his Chihuahua
How to bond with your Chihuahua? Illustrated by a man kissing his Chihuahua

Train Your Chihuahua

Want to become the best of friends with your Chihuahua? Bonding can be as simple and enjoyable as embracing the rewarding process known as training.

Training a Chihuahua not only allows you to spend quality time with your furry little friend, but it also presents opportunities to shower them with loads of delightful treats and affectionate praises. 

Believe it or not, such shared experiences are essential in establishing a basis for teamwork. It creates mutual respect and comprehension between you and your Chihuahua, thereby solidifying the bond.

Taking a journey down the path to cooperative communication, you’ll find your relationship with your Chihuahua growing deeper and stronger.

Rewarding your dog with treats will reinforce good behavior and create a positive association between you and treats.

  • Maintain an even and warm tone during training. Getting frustrated and yelling at your dog will frighten your Chihuahua and make it anxious around you.
  • Without training, Chihuahuas can develop mean tendencies, such as growling and snapping. Be persistent in your training to ensure that your Chihuahua is enjoyable to be around.
  • Chihuahuas can be difficult to train. You may want to work with a trainer. However, you will need to be present and conduct much of the training to ensure that your dog bonds with you.

Play with Your Chihuahua

Let’s face it, everyone loves a good game, especially our furry friends! Engaging in playful activities with your Chihuahua serves multiple purposes.

Not only does it provide them with the physical exercise they crave, but it’s also a chance to spark a deeper connection between you.

This can include a classic game of fetch, a smart round of hide-and-seek, or even a friendly tug-of-war battle. Remember, it’s the quality play time, not the type of game, that forms the bonding magic! 

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Over time, as you consistently engage in these activities, something delightful happens. Your Chihuahua begins to associate you with the thrill of play and bursts of joy, thereby strengthening your bond in the most heartwarming way.

So, it’s time to get those toys out, create shared memories, and not only become your Chihuahua’s owner but also your favorite playmate! 

  • Try to avoid roughhousing with your Chihuahua. They are delicate dogs that can be easily injured.
  • If you take your Chihuahua on a walk, only go a short distance. Chihuahuas exert their energy in short bursts and do not have the stamina for long walks.
How to bond with your Chihuahua? Illustrated by a woman playing with her Chihuahua
How to bond with your Chihuahua? Illustrated by a woman playing with her Chihuahua

2. Help Them Feel Comfortable

Welcoming a new Chihuahua into your home, be it a playful puppy or a rescue dog warming up to a second chance at a happy life, is a heartwarming event. This tiny bundle of joy may feel overwhelmed and anxious in its fresh surroundings.

Your first responsibility is to craft a safe haven that offers comfort and security, effectively easing its anxieties and promoting a smooth transition. 

Let’s create a serene atmosphere, keeping your home quiet and relaxed, away from excessive noise and excitement.

Once your little companion acclimates to its new abode, you then can focus on nurturing a strong bond, laying the foundation for a beautiful relationship that will grow over time.

  • Initially, keep your new Chihuahua away from any other pets you may have.
  • Ask your family members or roommates to be quiet while the new dog adjusts.

Let Your New Pup Explore

Once your dear new Chihuahua has comfortably settled in, it’s prime time to let the little one conduct a first-hand investigation of its brand-new surroundings.

Imagine that sense of curious wonder as your pup explores every nook and cranny, it’s not only adorable but it’s also a necessary part of helping your new furry friend feel absolutely safe and relaxed in its new home. 

Take note, this is an especially key part of bonding with our Chihuahua friends as they often strongly favor the cozy and comfortable environment of the indoors over the great outdoors.

The more they explore and familiarize themselves with your scents dispersed all around the home, the more they associate them with comfort, safety, and of course, their new best friend – you!

  • Do not leave the dog locked up in a room. This will increase anxiety and make it more fearful of you, limiting your ability to bond with it.

Socialize Your Chihuahua

Getting to know your Chihuahua might initially seem like a delicate dance. Believe it or not, these tiny creatures form extraordinarily intense bonds with their owner, that’s you!

Chihuahuas can often appear territorial and aggressive towards anyone – even family members or other dogs – whom they see as intruders. This makes them fiercely loyal, but it does require a bit of tact. 

Our friend, the Chihuahua, thrives in alcoves of comfort initially. Hence, when you bring your new dog home, it’s wise to limit their interactions.

How to bond with your Chihuahua? Illustrated by a woman holding her Chihuahua
How to bond with your Chihuahua? Illustrated by a woman holding her Chihuahua

With time, their confidence blossoms, allowing them to gradually embrace the bigger picture of your family and other pets. Trust us, patience pays off!

  • Socializing a young Chihuahua will help it be less territorial. However, an adopted or rescue dog may not have been properly socialized and have behavioral problems.
  • A Chihuahua’s territorial nature can be extremely problematic around other dogs. Chihuahuas often pick fights with much bigger dogs and, because of their small frame, they tend to get badly injured.
  • Unfortunately, because Chihuahuas are so territorial of their owner, your dog may never be friendly to your family members or any other dogs. Be sure to consider this before bringing home a Chihuahua.

Establish a Steady Routine

Starting your dog’s routine the moment they step into their new home isn’t just important, it’s fundamental. By establishing feeding and exercise times promptly, you’re paving the path to a smoother transition for your furry friend.

Your Chihuahua can relax more easily knowing it’s got a schedule in place, making it feel safe and secure. Moreover, mealtime and playtime are two undeniable avenues to strengthen your bond with your pet. 

Imagine, your Chihuahua eagerly waiting for its meal and looking forward to their daily play sesh – it’s a win-win! You’re not just feeding and exercising them, you’re also soothing their nerves while engaging their playful side.

And the best part? You’re building that special bond with your prized pet, as fast as a Chihuahua’s wagging tail!

  • Establishing a regular feeding routine is particularly important since this is the best way to bond with your Chihuahua.

3. Build a Healthy Relationship With Them

Bonding with your Chihuahua isn’t just about showering them with affection and treats. It’s about structure, too. Like all dogs, your little amigo is a pack animal.

They need to know who the leader is, and guess what? That’s you! This understanding doesn’t mean they feel restrained, quite the opposite: it gives them security and peace.

So, how do you establish this leadership? Don’t fret; it’s not as hard as it sounds. The key is consistency and patience. Discipline your canine friend that you’re the decision-maker, the provider, and the rule-setter.

By placing yourself at the top of the household hierarchy, you’re creating the optimal environment for a healthy, rewarding bond to build and flourish between you and your Chihuahua.

  • Demonstrate to your dog that you control its food. If your Chihuahua is being possessive of its food, take away its bowl and then return it later. This will demonstrate that you are in charge.
  • When you walk your Chihuahua, you should also make sure that you do not let the dog lead or tug on the leash. Instead, you should lead the dog or allow it to walk beside you.
  • If you have difficulties with controlling your Chihuahua while walking, try using a head collar to help minimize your chihuahua’s ability to pull on the leash.
How to bond with your Chihuahua? Illustrated by a stunned Chihuahua
How to bond with your Chihuahua? Illustrated by a stunned Chihuahua

Speak in a Calm Tone

Want to build a stronger connection with your adorable Chihuahua? Being calm and speaking in a jovial, warm voice is one way to do it. They may not understand your words, but they’re little champions at interpreting your tone. 

Engaging with your Chihuahua in a positive manner can work wonders on their little canine hearts. Being friendly in your communication not only makes them feel loved but also significantly boosts their affinity towards you.

So, take the time to talk to them – remember, it’s not about what you say, but rather how you say it!

  • Remember to keep a calm and warm tone even if your dog misbehaves. Yelling at your dog will only make it fearful of you.

Use Positive Reinforcement

When it comes to dealing with misbehaviors in your Chihuahua, there’s an ideal path to tread. One of the most crucial elements to bear in mind is employing positive reinforcement instead of resorting to punishments, yelling, or other aggressive tactics.

Chihuahuas, like all dogs, might not instantly comprehend what you’re asking them to do. Therefore, patience is integral in this process.

It’s not something that develops overnight but over time. With continued efforts, your Chihuahua would come to associate both you and your commands with positivity.

Rewarding your dog for good behavior is a great way to build a bond between you and your Chihuahua. By giving your dog praise and a treat when it does well, your dog will develop a positive association between you and getting a reward.


In conclusion, finding ways to bond with your Chihuahua can greatly enhance not only the quality of life for your petite pooch but also your relationship with them.

They may be small in size but their hearts are big, and they truly value the connection they share with their owners. Bonding with your Chihuahua is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s all about understanding your pet’s specific needs and personality.

The beauty of owning a pet is enriched by the bond you share with them. Your Chihuahua, however small, is no different. It’s comforting to know that you have a loyal friend who will stick by your side through thick and thin.

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