You may have heard it said that Chihuahua’s are notoriously difficult to coach, however, with touch patience and therefore the right attitude training your Chihuahua is often both fun and rewarding.

Like any owner and their dog, training also can be an excellent thanks to building your relationship and your Chihuahua will enjoy it the maximum amount as you are doing. Chihuahua’s like to impress their owner and can take great pride in making you cheerful, this is often one among their best traits!

No matter what you’re trying to show your Chihuahua’s, whether it’s toilet training or teaching them tricks, these top tips should definitely assist you on your way!

Training Plan

Set yourself a training plan, this might help organize and prioritize what training you’re giving your Chihuahua. it might be beneficial to start out with toilet training, once that has been accomplished move onto something else, like teaching your Chihuahua to sit! It’s great to line yourself goals, especially once you see you’ve got achieved them! it might probably be known to add things like socialization also, socializing your Chihuahua will take a touch of coaching too!


All dogs like treats! Treats are an excellent thanks to rewarding your Chihuahua whilst training, but even as important is praise. Your Chihuahua will want to impress you and for you to point out them that you simply are impressed by praise and fuss will make them incredibly happy. Showing your Chihuahua they’re doing the proper thing will only make future training easier.

One thing to notice is that if you’re using treats to reward your Chihuahua permanently behaviors remember of what percentage you’re giving them, head over to our article about what your Chihuahua likes to eat for more information. Initially, it’s going to be easier to show your Chihuahua by giving them treats, once they begin to urge the hang of it, give more praise than treats or they’re going to learn to expect a treat whenever they perform that specific behavior.

Top Tips for Training a Chihuahua, Top Tips for Training a Chihuahua

Make It Fun

As with humans, training is usually easier and more enjoyable during a fun environment. Toilet training could also be harder as this must be done as soon as you get your furry friend home and ideally must be done within your house, however, another training is often done anywhere! like all dog breeds, Chihuahua will love going for walks and adventures, so if you’re teaching your Chihuahua to take a seat why not roll in the hay in your garden or at your local green space. simply because your surroundings change it doesn’t mean your training plan needs to!

Be Patient

Chihuahua’s are often quite difficult to coach and should take slightly longer than other breeds but patience is vital, after all, Rome wasn’t inbuilt a day! It’s important to stay in your training plan, like all dogs, Chihuahua’s like routine, and building training into your routine will definitely help your furry friend adapt. there’ll little question be times once you desire to abandon but persist with it… you’ll get there within the end!

Stay Positive

As mentioned earlier, your Chihuahua will respond well to fuss and praise, positive attention will always help with training! Telling your Chihuahua off for not learning or making mistakes is going to be very detrimental to your training plan. you’ll get frustrated sometimes and it’s going to appear to be nothing you are doing is functioning, but twiddling my thumbs, stay positive and specialize in your goals, you’ll get there within the end!

  1. My name is carol E Sanders my phone number in 931)436_4126 I would like to have one of your Chihuahua will you please call me and let me know how many run up to

  2. Peggy says:

    I’ve had my chihuahua seems she was 3 wks old. I got both her & her brother. I know they weren’t abused cause they only lived with the owner for 3 wks. I feed them by bottle every hr on the hr til they could drink by themselves. Anyway my baby girl has a trust issue. Why? I luv them with all my heart. I don’t hit them. She’s always following me everywhere I go. I’m cooking she’s there, I’m sitting she’s there. She’s very close to me but I don’t understand why she doesn’t trust me. I don’t have that problem with her brother.

  3. Connie says:

    do you have long hair chihuahuas?


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