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This two-legged Chihuahua has located doggy love with a warm chick! The vigorous pooch named Roo has to turn out to be quality pals with Silkie rooster Penny after they have been rescued and re-homed together.

They now stay with proprietor Alicia Williams at her residence in Duluth, Georgia, and have grown to be inseparable friends. The pair love enjoying and Penny from time to time rides on Roo’s returned when he scampers backyard the usage of a, in particular, made wheelchair.

‘The first time Roo met Penny Chicken, we positioned him in a mattress on the ground and she wandered over to test him out.’ recollects Alicia. ‘She was once very affected person whilst he chewed on her toes, pulled at her feathers, and rolled all over her.

‘When he worn-out out and fell asleep she climbed on the pinnacle of him as if he has been an egg – and they’ve been pals ever since.’

Penny, a Silkie rooster – so-called due to the fact of their atypically smooth and fluffy plumage – was once previously used in science experiments, although it is no longer regarded what kind. She would have been disposed of had she no longer been taken in with the aid of Alicia, who works at Duluth Animal Hospital, who agreed to undertake her.

‘Chickens are flock animals and want companionship,’ says Alicia, ‘and I started out bringing her with me to work throughout the day. We regularly have employees’ puppies in the construction – why now not a chicken? She was a massive hit with the consumers and regarded to thrive around humans and different pets.

‘She’s unafraid of puppies and is no longer flighty or without problems rattled. She grew to become very connected to me, follows me around and likes to take a seat on my feet. She knows her to identify and comes when called.’

A few months later the health facility acquired a name about a tiny domestic dog located deserted in a ditch.

‘Roo had been born except the decrease parts of his the front legs, and anybody had dropped him in a deserted park in the center of a freezing February day,’ says Alicia.

‘He was once solely a couple of kilos and very cold. Though we’d solely had large puppies consequently far, we couldn’t say no.

‘We determined to undertake him, understanding he would want specific care, a wheelchair, and in all likelihood surgical treatment in the future.’

Alicia with the dynamic duo

Roo has seen that he had a surgical operation to have his knees repaired in the past this year. Dogs commonly lift two-thirds of their weight on the front legs and so there was once more stress on Roo’s knees, lower back, and spine.

‘After the surgical operation, he spent weeks recuperating and Penny Chicken used to be in no way very a ways away, preferring to grasp round his mattress whilst he bought better, going with us to his appointments, water remedy sessions, and work with the bloodless laser,’ says Alicia.

‘Similarly, Penny Chicken has issues with her reproductive tract, which is the most important issue for a chicken, and when she has episodes, Roo stays nearby.

The cute critters are set to be friends for life

‘Though we’ve due to the fact that delivered a couple of extra Silkie chickens to create a small flock for her, Penny commonly prefers to dangle with Roo and our pit bull, Lucy.’

Silkie chickens have a comparable lifespan as puppies and can live for extra than 12 years and so Alicia is hoping the bonded pair can stay out their lives together.

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