A tiny Chihuahua is claimed as the UK’s smallest dog, standing at just three inches tall.

The little pup, who goes by the disproportionately large name Bibity Bobity Boo, has astonished her owners with her size. 

Although fully grown at six months old, she is also just eight inches in length and weighs less than a bag of sugar at 1lb 10oz.

image 22 3
Mini-me: Bibity Bobity Boo, a tiny Chihuahua, is in the running for the title of the UK’s smallest dog
image 22 4
Standing tall: At just three inches tall, she is smaller than two cans stacked on each other.

What do its owners say?

But her owners, Ron and Susan Lingham from Blackpool, say her size makes her perfect for hiding and seek and earns her a lot of attention.

Retired teacher Ron, 67, said: ‘She’s so tiny, she buries herself in my arms.

‘I think she uses it to her advantage because it means she gets lots of kisses and cuddles. 

‘I look into her eyes and tell her she is a little gift sent from heaven.’  

It is believed that Bibity Bobity Boo – who also goes by Boo, Bibi, and Bobyykins. He remained so tiny she claimed the title from its current holder, four-inch-tall Tyson.

Tyson, who lives in Lincoln with his owner Rosemarie McLinden, is a Lhasa Apso cross Chihuahua. 

image 22 5
Shock: Ron and Susan Lingham, from Blackpool, was stunned when she stopped growing.
image 22 6
Surprise: The couple say they have never seen a smaller dog than Boo, who weighs just 1lb 10oz
image 22 7
Keeping on their toes: But they admitted that with her tiny size, they always have to be keeping an eye on her

Boo’s owners added that she has always been tiny, although she wasn’t the runt in the litter. 

‘Because she was so small, we nearly named her ‘Bridget the midget,’ but we thought she would get more prominent, which wouldn’t make sense.

‘Now it seems that name would have been more appropriate.’ 

image 22 8
Family: Owner Susan Lingham with Boo, who has joined their household in Blackpool
image 22 9
Leader of the pack: Despite having nine other siblings to compete with for attention, Boo always gets her fair share of hugs

Susan added: ‘We certainly have to keep an eye on her. She can be done in a flash, and because she’s so tiny, she can be challenging to find.

‘She’s perfect at hide and seeks.’

The couple admitted that Boo’s size makes her a favorite in the household despite having nine other dogs competing for their attention.  

image 22 10
Tucked away: With her tiny size, her owners say that Boo is perfect for hiding and seeking.
image 22 11
Time for bed: Owners Ron and Susan love their dogs like children and say she’s the perfect addition to the family

Ron continued: ‘We’ve no family, so our dogs are our children, and we love them to bits.

‘They get a lot of love and happy little dogs.

‘Dogs are pets for life, and we give everything we have to them. Baby Bob Boo is the perfect addition to our family.’  

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