The winter season allows you to enjoy many outdoor exercises like playing with snow, snowball fights, and a lot more. However, for those of us who live with Chihuahuas, this season comes with certain extra responsibilities. They concern the way we take care of our beloved dogs. That’s why today we are listing 10 important tips on how to best take care of them.

1. Keep Walking Your Chihuahuas

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Winter Care Tips for Your Chihuahuas 13

We know it is cozy indoors, however, your dog still needs regular walks despite the weather. Remember that while out on walks, it is very important to make sure that your four-legged friends are wrapped up warm. You could put a dog coat on them to shield the cold, especially if you have a fine coated dog.

2. Check For Snow Between Their Toes

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Control your dog’s paws and dry them carefully after outside. This is even more important if your dog is long-haired. This is because they are exposed to snow compacting between their toes. Then, this snow turns into ice balls which at times can be very painful.

3. Check For Salt and Grit Between Their Toes

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Make sure to clean their paws at the end of your walk as salt and grit from roads and pavements can many times get lodged between their toes.

4. Keep The Chihuahuas Warm and Dry

Keep Them Warm and Dry
Winter Care Tips for Your Chihuahuas 16

Make certain to dry off wet and muddy dogs after walks and always make sure they have a cozy bed to return to, which is free of any cold draughts.

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5. Keep The Chihuahuas Playful Indoors

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It is known that some dogs may be very reluctant to venture out into the cold. If this is the case with your dog, don’t force them to go out but make sure you provide them with lots of toys to play with and keep them occupied while indoors.

6. Adjust Their Food When Necessary

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Winter Care Tips for Your Chihuahuas 18

If you notice that your dog is kind of less active during the winter months, make sure to adjust the amount of food you give them accordingly to avoid weight gain.

7. Make Sure They Have Good Recall

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Winter Care Tips for Your Chihuahuas 19

The cold weather oftentimes brings reduced visibility in foggy or snowy weather conditions. If you let them off the lead, make sure your dog has good recall to avoid them getting lost and as always be absolutely sure that their microchip details are up to date with your proper contact information.

8. Make The Chihuahuas Visible

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Winter Care Tips for Your Chihuahuas 20

As the nights arrive earlier and the sun rises later, attach a small light to your dog’s collar in order for them to be seen when out on walks in reduced visibility.

9. Don’t Leave Your Dog In the Car Alone

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Winter Care Tips for Your Chihuahuas 21

Just as cars can become fatally hot during the summer months, it is obvious that temperatures can drop very quickly in cold weather. Always take your dog with you instead of leaving them in the car for any length of time.

10.  Avoid Frozen Lakes and Rivers

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Winter Care Tips for Your Chihuahuas 22

Make sure to keep your dog away from stretches of frozen waters as it’s impossible to know how secure these surfaces are. Keep them on a lead if you feel like they are tempted to jump in.

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