Anyone with a dog will know that they are a lot of work. While they fill our lives with pure love and devotion, they also add stress. And now one ‘dog mom’ has said that pet owners don’t get enough respect. And are ‘jealous’ of working mums who get more flexibility in the workplace.

From toilet training to endless chewing phases, pups don’t come without the hassle and require a lot of attention as they grow.

Screenshot 29
Screenshot 29

In a personal essay for, Mary Rose Madigan, 28, from Sydney, explained she didn’t realize how much work having a dog would be.

She became a dog mum to a chihuahua called Frank last year. Then she writes that she suffers from ‘guilt’ whenever she has to leave Frank alone. She pays $65 (£36) daily to place him in doggy daycare.

Mary also said that she needs additional flexibility from her employer and from the daycare as it has late fees for anyone who picks up their pet late.

She wants employers to give pet owners ‘the same flexibility and understanding as mothers of human children.

‘I watch as working mums can head off early, introduce flexible hours or work from home more often with absolute envy,’ she wrote.

She added that Frank stops her from socializing outside of work as she doesn’t want to ‘abandon him further.

Screenshot 28
Screenshot 28

‘I realize my privilege here; I work in an industry that generally wants to help, support, and empower women. So, there are systems to help mums balance it all,’ she said.

She noted that she understands her dog isn’t a human child, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t come without issues.

‘But I feel we need to push that same support towards mums with pets,’ she added.

‘I know they aren’t children; I know I’m not a mum, and I can never understand the full extent of the burden, but I do love my dog more than I imagined was possible.’

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