The internet was left in stitches by three Chihuahuas hosting a “meeting” behind their owner’s back after a video of their secret gathering went viral on social media.

In the video, shared on TikTok on Tuesday by the dogs’ owner, under the username Chihuahuaab, the three dogs Alfie, Bella, and Coco—can all be seen running towards the fireplace in the living room, taking their seats as the meeting begins.

The viral clip comes with a caption: “When the dogs organize a meeting without you.” The dog owner commented, “Can’t believe they organized a meeting behind my back.”

The Chihuahua secret meeting behind the owner’s back left the internet in stitches. Alfie, Bella, and Coco are true gems.

Three Chihuahuas secret meeting goes viral
Three Chihuahuas secret meeting goes viral

According to experts, dogs can understand each other. Dogs communicate with one another through a system of standard signals. These are primarily based on body language, such as movement and positioning of the ears and tail, and their positioning relative to other dogs, according to the pet advice website The Spruce Pets.

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Their language allows them to communicate and understand each other and resolve conflict. They also have calming signals that head off fights.

Canine communication is a complex system mostly based on body language, vocalization, and scent cues. A dog’s bark can communicate many messages, such as excitement, fear, and need for food or water.

Scent signals don’t require the dog’s presence to communicate. The scent of urination can be left behind to alert other dogs to their presence.

The video quickly attracted animal lovers across the platform, receiving over 410,400 views and 28,400 likes in less than two days.

The Three Chihuahuas Meeting

Another user, happykels, wrote: “Hope this meeting isn’t about you!” And Teejay said: “They’re talking about who’s working overtime shifts at the Frito factory.” Petty Labelle added: “They looked at you like ‘you can’t sit with us.”

Scoopysnax joked: “OK, we’re gonna have a meeting about all the barking going on. There has been nothing to bark at.” And VidGarcia67 said: “Better give them extra treats before bedtime!” Theonewithallthekeys added: “Not them waiting for you to leave before they begin [the meeting].”


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