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6 Tips for Optimum Chihuahua Playing And Training 4

Chihuahuas are sassy intelligent dogs that are capable of learning a variety of commands when appropriately trained. They are clever and need to be trained otherwise they will become the ruler of your household. Here are six important tips you need to know when training your pet Chihuahua.

1. Establish Your Position as Ruler of the Pack

It’s essential to establish yourself as the leader of your pack when it comes to your Chihuahua. Your dog might be tiny but they have big personalities that can be quite demanding.

You can take your place as leader of the pack by playing a fun game of “follow me.” Tie a string with a bell around each of your ankles to catch your dog’s attention. Once you have your Chihuahua’s attention walk around the house and allow your pup to follow behind you. The action of following you puts you in the position of leader of the pack. Repeat this process until the bells are not needed any longer.

2. Make sure your Chihuahua has the right toys

Smaller dogs need different toys than big dogs. You might think that is obvious but it’s about more than size. Chihuahuas just like different things to play with than German Shepherds.

To find the best toys, try out different options, and see how your dog responds. A great place to start would be this list.

3. Potty Training Your Pup with a Bell

Your super-smart Chihuahua needs to be potty trained or house trained as soon as possible. An excellent tip involves tying a bell near the door that your dog will need to use to go outdoors. Typically, the door is located in the back in most homes that have a yard and the front door for most apartments.

Place the bell on a hook close to the floor so it hangs in a position for your dog to reach. Choose a bell that is large and impossible for your dog to chew or swallow. When your dog needs to go potty outside use their little paw to gently ring the bell. Doing this action repeatedly every time your dog needs to go outside will teach them to ring the bell to alert you when they need to go outdoors while at the same time makes it feel like a fun game for your pup.

4. Commanding Your Dog to Sit

Your strong-willed Chihuahua needs to learn to sit as one of their basic commands. The sitting position helps put them at ease in situations and keeps them still when needed.

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Use your pup’s favorite treat for this fun training and play session with your pet. Hold one of the treats between your thumb and index finger while standing in front of your dog.

Then get your dog’s attention by holding your hand with the treat in it up towards the ceiling. Once your dog focuses on the treat, say the command “sit” and briskly move the treat above their head. Using the tip of their nose as a guide is a great tip to ensure they see the treat.

5. Training Your Dog to Come Over to You

Chances are you named your dog a special word that expresses their true personality or physical appearance. Use your dog’s name to train them to come over to you.

When you see your dog across the room, call their name, and make a motion with your hand. You can decide the hand motion but make sure you do the same one every time you call your dog.

If your dog has difficulty understanding the command place a treat in your hand and kneels on the floor, then call your dog’s name and do the hand motion. Repeat this action until your dog naturally comes to you even when you don’t have the treat to offer.

6. Make Your Dog Freeze Like a Statue

Your adorable Chihuahua is the national symbol of Mexico and their lineage dates back to the ancient kingdoms of pre-Columbian times. Training your pup to “stay” will make them look like a cute little ancient statue.

Using a hand signal and the verbal queue “stay” simultaneously is essential to train your dog to obey the command. First, train your dog to go into the sitting position.

Then put your hand in the open position with your palm facing your dog. Use a quick action by gently thrusting your hand forward as you confidently say “stay.” Make sure you don’t get too close to your dog to prevent accidental physical contact that could be misunderstood as aggressive behavior.

When training your dog make it fun and playful. Always take the Alpha position of the pack to prevent your dog from ruling over you and your entire household. Patience, understanding, and love are required when training your feisty little Chihuahua.

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