A Grapeview man reported to police that his pet Chihuahua jumped in his lap while driving on Highway 3. This caused a chain-reaction crash that sent two people to the hospital with injuries and closed a highway. 

Bremerton Police Lt. Mike Davis said the man, 31, was driving north on the highway. He failed to slow down for a red light at Airport Road.

The man said he was distracted as the dog entered the driver’s seat.  He braked, but it was too late. His car slammed into the back of another vehicle that was stopped. 

car accident chihuahua
Two people were taken to the hospital on Tuesday afternoon after their car, center, was rear-ended in a crash on Highway 3.

Davis said that the driver and the passenger he slammed into had to be extricated from the car. They were taken to a local hospital with head injuries that were not life-threatening.

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The Crash that Closed a Highway

The chain-reaction crash damaged two additional vehicles. Davis said that the last car struck was pushed about 50 feet forward into a grassy area. 

Moreover, no other serious injuries were reported. Davis said the 31-year-old driver was cited for negligent driving and not having insurance. 

The highway was closed for almost three hours during the afternoon commute.

car accident chihuahua 2
The driver of this car said his dog had jumped into his lap, distracting him and causing him to rear-end a vehicle on Tuesday afternoon on Highway 3.

Source: kitsapsun

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