This pup showed those cats who’s boss. And, he did so by spouting adorable yells that would warm any dog-lovers heart.

For as small as Chihuahuas are, they sure do run the house. They aren’t afraid to use their voice to demand something. And more often than not, they use that voice to boss others around. The good news is that sometimes they’re bossy just because they’re being protective.

That’s what happened in this video from TikTok user @coufra38. Her parent’s front door didn’t latch all the way, which allowed the cats to go out. But luckily, their Chihuahua stepped in just like a protective human mom.

@coufra38 She also breaks up cat fights #dog #cat #funny #fyp #2023 ♬ original sound – Coufra38

The Adorable Chihuahua Yells

LOL! No cats will get away with sneaking under while under the same roof as this doggo. Heck, we’d be scared trying to leave the house. We wouldn’t want to get on the dog’s wrong side! 

“The way she stopped and looked at them all first like she had to calculate the audacity,” pointed out @chanelparisbrito67. HA! She wanted to give them a second to turn around, but she made her presence very well known because they didn’t. “The little pause like, ‘I can’t believe my eyes right now,’” added @jeneney. It sounds exactly like what parents go through!

Another TikToker, @lilladybug9, commented on what was probably going through the Chihuahua’s mind. It reads, “I’m gonna give ya to the count of 3.” LOL!  She seriously wasn’t playing games. We hope these owners gave her tons of treats for taking good care of the whole house! 


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