Best indoor dogs picks wouldn’t be complete without the Chihuahua, a breed that’s been one of the most popular choices for apartment dwellers for years.

Size-wise, these little dogs are ideal for people living in studios and small apartments (although these fab canines don’t mind living large in villas, either!). Add in the fact that Chihuahuas do not require a great deal of daily exercise, and it’s easy to see why so many people decide on this breed for apartment living.

On the other hand, Chihuahuas can be a handful. You shouldn’t get one if their appearance is the deciding factor. While undoubtedly adorable, these dogs have a mind of their own and won’t hesitate to show it.

They are notoriously hard to housebreak, so unless you have experience with potty training dogs, you’ll have to take them out to do their business fairly often. But if you love small and sassy pooches, you’ll be rewarded with loyalty and affection only a Chihuahua can give you! Just don’t feed them Taco Bell no matter how fond you are of their 90s add campaign. Trust us, that won’t end well!

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