Singing during a karaoke session takes a particular type of courage. Are we getting in front of strangers and belting our hearts out? Yeah, no, thank you! Even if we practiced one song repeatedly, we’d get cold feet when it came time for us to sing. Plus, who needs us to sing when there are plenty of people confident enough to perform at karaoke. Or even sure dogs? 

TikTok user @caligorsuch shared a video of her getting ready to sing karaoke. Next to her on the couch is her Cava Bichon Chihuahua named Leo. He must know this song like the back of his hand because he jumps in howling out of nowhere, right on cue! Sorry, @caligorsuch, Leo is the show’s star, and you’ll have to catch the next karaoke song. Leo’s performance has quickly reached viral, with over 11.7 million views and 4 million likes.

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Just trying to sing a lil karaoke Leo took over

♬ original sound – Cali Gorsuch

How was Leo SO good?! He sings better than us! “He’s so on time and key😳😂,” commented @Lizzy Panic. Once again, way better than we could do! We’re tone-deaf, ha! “He said, ‘Time for my solo,'” said @Becks.

TikTok users comment that Leo stole the show, and the creator needs to step back to let him shine. “DON’T SHUSH HIM, LET HIM BE THE STAR HE IS, GIRL,” said @button. “HE SINGIN’ FROM THE SOUL,” added @Victoria Karr. Leo must have thought you picked out that song for him! @hosking.taylor wrote, “Lmao, every time you opened your mouth to start, he was like, ‘Nah, I got this,'” HA! Leo is either extraordinarily confident, or he was trying to save everyone else from her singing! Don’t worry, mom. There’s still room for you to sing, just not as the star. “Guess you didn’t know that YOU’RE the backup singer.. 😂,” said @Nailah💜. 

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