The only way to take care of chihuahuas is by cherishing them every day, but that isn’t always the case. We aren’t strangers to the constant maltreatment, abuse, and negligence that dogs have to go through by irresponsible owners. Just this year, we’ve reported about dogs being mauled, uncared for, and resisting freezing nights, which is all too sad. Luckily, we can sometimes find a silver lining in all those horrible cases, and this time, we’re proud to report the LAPD’s heroic rescue.

A couple of weeks ago, the Inside magazine‘s editor – Lisa Guerrero, was tipped off about a disturbing scene of chihuahua maltreatment. When she heard about the case, she immediately went to the Los Angeles RV that was reported and quickly informed 911, who led her to the local police. When she got to the location, she saw a pack of 21 chihuahuas cooped inside the RV, each looking more miserable than the other. The small space in which they had to be fed, live, stretch, and defecate was simply barbaric.

Guerrero reported that the dogs were living in complete filth, and some of the female chihuahuas were pregnant. Repulsed by the images she saw, she went to the RV’s owner and asked her about the situation. “I saw a lot of [dogs] in there, and I was concerned,” – said Guerrero. As she explains, the woman told her that she was scared the dogs would be euthanized, which is why she didn’t call them in or go to a local shelter.

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21 Chihuahuas Rescued From Poor Living Conditions in Los Angeles After Lisa  Guerrero Investigates Tip | Inside Edition

What Happened to The Poor Chihuahuas?

When the LAPD arrived at the scene, they were just as shocked as Guerrero was. Without wanting to demonize their caretaker, the officers felt disappointed that she didn’t seek help from the local organizations. Still, the LAPD contacted the Deity’s Animal Rescue team, who scheduled a visit immediately the next day. The people present at the scene secured some food and essentials until they took the chihuahuas to the local shelter.

The next day, Dante and Bird from Deity came around and got the pups one by one. As they explained, this was a case of pets getting out of their owner’s control, which was very sad to see. The chihuahuas weren’t spayed or neutered, so they multiplied inside the RV, unknowingly worsening their living situation. For the first time in forever, the poor pups were taken outside of the RV and given the proper care they so desperately craved. Deity’s owner said that the dogs would get the medical attention they need, and if things go right, they will find forever homes.

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