Instagram is full of fashion designers and influencers who make us want to try the latest trend. In fact, how many of us are guilty of buying Instagram sweatpants or leggings because we saw them on social media? But there’s an adorable little six-pound Italian greyhound-chihuahua mix named Boobie Billie who’s taking Instagram fashion by storm.

And man, does she have style. She can even make snuggling in a blanket seem so fashionable and cool. Believe me when I say this dog makes you want to be her – so, pretty much like all the other influencers online, right?

The little pint-sized dog is quite stylish – in fact, she can even make snuggling in a blanket seem so cool. She’s like many of the Instagram models you see on social media. 

The very stylish Boobie Billie has an Instagram page dedicated to her wearing some very coveted names, such as By Far, Outdoor Voices, Chanel, and Susan Alexandra – amongst many others. This puppy shows off her latest trends and makes you envious that the tiny bag trend will never be as good on you as it is on her.

But perhaps the best thing about Boobie Billie’s aesthetic is her, I’m-too-cool-to-care look. The pup is quite smug-looking in many of her pictures. Not going to lie, but I wish I were half as cool as this dog. Who else wishes that too?

Check out a few of her designers looks below, but be warned, it may induce envy: 

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