It’s a long story but my husband and I have been married for 20 years, and he has always had German Shorthair Pointers. That was until Julie the Chihuahua came along.

They are big, full of energy, and hunting dogs, so I never really had much to do with them and the fact that he did not really want me to get a dog because he always had 2 and didn’t want to get a 3rd for whatever reason.

Julie Colleran
Julie the Chihuahua and Her Story 6

Well a couple of years ago I was driving with my daughter, and we saw a small dog out on the corner it was pouring down rain, and she was just out there on a corner all alone. I would have driven by but my daughter insisted that we take her home and try to find her owner. So I turned around, and we took her home and began the process of trying to find her parent.

Who’s Julie the Chihuahua?

I had her for 4 days until we found her parent. During that time I believe that my husband saw how happy it made me to be around this little girl! I walked her, brushed her, snuggled with her, I would have kept her!

Julie Colleran1
Julie the Chihuahua and Her Story 7

My husband started sending me pics of rescues, but I had my heart set on a Yorkie because they are non-shedding, and the fact I wanted to put bows in her hair. When he showed me a pic of Poppy, I shook my head and showed no interest.

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The day after he showed me her pic, he said he had to get fish food at Pet Smart, and I actually didn’t think anything of it as I had no idea that Poppy was actually up for adoption at Pet Smart.

We walked toward the back of the store and he said, let’s go look at the dogs. We walked in and they were all barking and it was crazy! I made my way to the back and I saw this little white face just sitting in her kennel with her front legs crossed and her nails were painted pink! And…I loved the fact that she wasn’t barking even though all the other dogs were going crazy.

What Set Her Apart

It’s crazy but her kennel was the only one that did not have a lock on it so I took her out and she immediately started following me around. I played with her a little bit and after a few minutes I went to put her back in her kennel and said to my husband, “But she SHEDS.”

After I closed her kennel, she went up and pawed at the latch! Well….that was it, I was in love! (Now I just keep lint rollers in every room in the house!)

I have had her for exactly 2 years as of October 18th, and she is the BEST dog I could have ever asked for! She is so sweet, hardly barks go with me everywhere. I carried her in a side sling around Las Vegas for 6 days in a row and she never complained! She goes kayaking with me, and has just brought me such joy!

Julie Colleran2
Julie the Chihuahua and Her Story 8

I am SO excited to have found you and your newsletter which allows me to connect with so many other Chi lovers! (I had no idea I was actually one until 2 years ago!).

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