This poor missing Chihuahua has been through so much. She was so covered in thick glue that she had difficulty breathing.

A small dog that went missing more than a month ago has been reunited with her owner. After surviving an unimaginably harrowing ordeal that nearly cost her her life.

We are talking about Mia, a petite, 4-pound chihuahua. We found it last week in an industrial warehouse in Arizona. He was alone and on the verge of death, and the dog had become hopelessly stuck in an adhesive trap to catch rodents. A severe form of pest control that renders its victims immobile. And causing them to die of starvation with no way of escaping slowly.

That was nearly Mia’s fate.

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It’s unclear just how long Mia was stuck in the trap. But she likely didn’t have long to survive. Rescuers from the Arizona Humane Society’s Emergency Animal Medical Technicians (EAMT) arrived. She was so covered in thick glue that she had difficulty breathing

They feared the dog’s skin would tear if they tried to pull her free. EAMT’s Andy Gallo used a surprising substance to soften the adhesive trapping her: peanut butter.

Sure enough, that did the trick.

Afterward, Humane Society staff gave Mia’s hair a trim, careful to remove the dried clumps of glue still stuck to her body.

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Shortly after posting news of the dog’s near-death experience online, hoping to find her a forever home, the Humane Society discovered that she already had one. Fortunately, Mia’s rightful owner sees the post. And she realizes that the dog is hers. She had been missing for weeks.

The missing Chihuahua was very happy.

“When Mia saw her owner, she immediately recognized her and started jumping in her kennel and barking with excitement,” the Arizona Humane Society wrote online. “She leaped out of the AHS employee’s arms and into her owner’s arms and started kissing her face and licking away her tears of happiness. It was a very happy and emotional reunion.”

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