This Chihuahua was rescued off the streets and brought to an animal shelter in North Carolina. Now, her new parents are working on getting her a pup wheelchair.

The three-year-old chihuahua has a paralyzing back injury and can only use her front two legs to walk. But, her amazing parents won’t stop there because they want to see her have the best life she can get. And trust, she will!

Jodi Helmer fell for Mrs. Maisel, the chihuahua, as soon as she saw a video of her. Animal Control sent an email asking if anyone could take her in. They also attached a video of Mrs. Maisel walking on her front two legs. Helmer kept thinking about her, so she emailed and asked if anyone had taken her yet.

A Pup Wheelchair

The sanctuary owner picked up Mrs. Maisel and brought her to the vet. She discovered that the pup was not in any pain and had been living with the injury for quite a while.

Unfortunately, since it was left untreated, it is too late for Mrs. Maisel to be able to get surgery to help. Helmer says that Mrs. Maisel is the snuggliest dog ever, and she walks around with her in a dog sling on her chest and loves it. We can’t help but get teary eyed at this adorable feat, as we’re sure you’d understand.

Even though it is too late for surgery, Helmer is determined to get Mrs. Maisel a wheelchair. The Naughty Donkey Farm Sanctuary set up a fundraiser to help get Mrs. Maisel this equipment that would make her life so much easier!

We hope that both this pup and her lovely parents have the best future ahead, since they truly deserve it. And, if you can help them in this cause, do so below.

Click here to see donation details!

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