Pepito is a senior chihuahua that rocks a sleek black fur and a beautiful silver nose. While 2020 was a nightmare for most of us, Pepito took advantage of the situation to make everyone around him lighten up. The lovable pup never misses a chance to cuddle up to people and get paw-some treats in the process, and we love him for it. Even though this story has a happy ending, we can’t say that life has always been easy on Pep.

Pepito on a towel in a kennel

Pepito and His Trip From Miami to New York

This sweet Chihuahua mix hasn’t always had it easy, especially since he suffers from a heart condition. Ever since he was a puppy, Pepito had to deal with a heart murmur that requires extra care. Even though owners can easily manage this with medication, people weren’t as willing to aid Pepito. That’s when he was dropped off in a shelter in Miami, where he spent quite some time. The dog made the people there fall in love with his temper and lovable nature, so he immediately found a foster home that would give him a temporary solution.

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However, it wasn’t until Pepito found Caroline and Matt that he found what true love was. The New York-based couple had been looking for a senior pup to rescue, seeing how they lived in a shared apartment. When they saw a video of Pepito yawning without pause, they knew that this was the dog they had been looking for all this time.

Pepito the senior dog outside in the grass

Before Caroline gave Pepito a forever home, she consulted with his foster parents. She found out that even though this sweet pup has a very calm nature, he enjoys social interactions and meeting new friends. Although he’s always up for a walk in the park, he would rather have a nap next to his parents. These hallmarks all proved to be true, as the beautiful Chi carried the same lifestyle in his sunlit Brooklyn apartment. It turns out Caroline and Matt made the right decision bringing him over, as he has made their lives as precious as can be.

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