Do u wanna see Stars at Oscar?

A Pomeranian dressed as Sir Elton John, and a chihuahua in a Beauty And The Beast-inspired outfit were among the dogs on display at a Hollywood-themed pageant.

The latest quarterly Furbabies UK event, which sees owners dress their pets in lavish costumes, was titled Hollywood (A Day At The Oscars) to coincide with next weekend’s Academy Awards ceremony.

Dexter the Pomeranian stole the show with his Sir Elton costume, eye-catching sunglasses, and a miniature piano.

Screenshot 4 2
Screenshot 4 2

Disney’s Beauty And The Beast was the inspiration for Lindy Lou’s outfit (Danny Lawson/PA)PA Wire/PA Images – Danny Lawson

Dexter also modeled a second outfit designed to look like an Oscar statuette.

Rosie the chihuahua wore a blue outfit inspired by Nicole Kidman before teaming up with another chihuahua, Minnie, for a look based on the Olsen twins.

Screenshot 5 2
Screenshot 5 2

Chihuahuas Rosie and Minnie modeled designs inspired by the Olsen Twins (Danny Lawson/PA)PA Wire/PA Images – Danny Lawson

Meanwhile, Lindy Lou, a third chihuahua, modeled a design inspired by Belle’s ballroom gown from Beauty And The Beast.

The Furbabies events have been running since 2019 and see dogs coming from as far afield as Scotland and the south coast.

Screenshot 6 2
Screenshot 6 2

Dexter wore a second outfit inspired by an Oscar statuette (Danny Lawson/PA)PA Wire/PA Images – Danny Lawson

In December, the group held a special Christmas-themed event, while a previous pageant saw dogs dressed as characters from children’s literature.

They were the best Stars at Oscar!

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