Stanley the tortoise and Shirley Chicken the chug (pug/Chihuahua mix) are both seniors, rescues, and best friends.

Stanley the Tortoise and Chug Shirley Chicken all love their friendship.

image 36 27

The unlikely friends live with their mom, actress Jill Lover, and do everything together.

image 36 28

They love to watch movies together as we know they are inseparable…

image 36 29

Even the lap of the park should not be lost as always together, not without each other.

image 36 30

Sports are not missing either. We watch this together.

image 36 31

… and, of course, take naps, the foundation of any great friendship.

image 36 32

The charismatic pair has even met celebrities together, like Teri Hatcher, because they’re just that cool.

image 36 33

The best friends maybe just a little different, but they’re always there to support each other, no matter what.

image 36 34

Stanley even likes to accompany Shirley Chicken on her walks, and she’s OK with going a little slower for him.

image 36 35
image 36 35

Both were rescued from unknown pasts and now get to live out the rest of their days together being the most adorable best friend pair ever …

image 36 36
image 36 36

… and giving each other lots of kisses, of course.

image 36 37

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