This Chihuahua is all of us after the long holiday weekend. Let those meeting invites and emails pile up. Live in the moment. Have another belly rub. Or, if you’re anything like this Chihuahua, have the belly rubs be continuous!

When the owners initially posted this video, everyone was in love with the belly rubs. Even more so, seeing the adorable Chi lose itself in the blissful embraces of its owners. We can see the little pup just moving around frantically but in a very joyous manner.

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We are no strangers to cute videos, as Chihua Corner always gets requests from animal lovers to post their pets. And, we can’t help it when these pups are as sweet as life can be. So, if your Chihuahua enjoys belly rubs as much as this one, make sure to let us know. We’ll give them a spot in the spotlight, so you can all enjoy your precious pooch.

You can also reach out to us on Facebook, where you find the biggest Chihuahua-loving community on the internet. At “I Love Chihuahuas”, you can connect with other people like you, who love to give their precious pups all the belly rubs in the world.

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