A disabled Toledo woman is asking for the community’s help. That’s after she believes someone stole her support Chihuahua dog.

A Toledo woman who is disabled is asking for the community’s help after she believes her support dog was stolen from her.(Jack Bassett)
By Jack Bassett

Eileen Price feels lost without her 8-year-old Chihuahua: “Little.”

On November 7th, while helping her mom move at Larchmont Apartments on Salter and Overland in Toledo, someone snatched away her dog.

“A lot of me is missing, said Eileen Price. “I feel empty and lost. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but no… Little is my best friend.”

8-year-old “Little” was last seen on November 7th at LarchMont Apartments on Slater and Overland in Toledo.(Jack Bassett)

On top of a friendship, Little provides Eileen support. Eileen is legally blind, battling epilepsy, and recovering from a recent stroke. Eileen says Little has been her rock for nearly a decade, even helping save her life after collapsing while crossing the street.

The Support Chihuahua Dog

“Little has been with me through my stroke. Little has been with me through all my seizures,” said Price. “He’s the way that I come out of my seizures; he sits at my chest and licks my face until I come out.”

Every day since Little’s disappearance, Eileen and her two-year-old granddaughter Kasie search the streets on which they once walked their dog. Out of habit, Eileen and Kasie still say they are putting out Little’s food bowl, waiting and hoping for him to come home.

Eileen and her two-year-old granddaughter Kasie say they have spent every day searching for Little.(Jack Bassett)

Eileen says she fears someone is keeping her therapy dog for their own.

“There are laws with keeping someone’s pet,” said Lucas County Canine Care and Control Community Outreach Coordinator Cassie Bloomfield. “You can’t just take it as your own right away. There are protocols to go through.”

However, at Lucas County’s Canine Care and Control, there are over 80 dogs and countless flyers of found animals, none being Little.

“Right now, I’m scared I will never get him back,” said Eileen Price. “I’m scared I am never going to see him again.”

Nearing two weeks since Little disappeared, she asks anyone with any information to come forward. Eileen is asking for the community’s help to return her pride and joy home again.

Eileen Price says she’s limited by her current health and is asking for the community’s help in locating her lost support dog. (Jack Bassett)

Anyone with tips on Little’s whereabouts is asked to contact our reporter, Jack Basssett by email: jack.bassett@13abc.com

Source: 13abc

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