Janet’s pooch, Rilla, was cared for by National Lottery-funded Rosie’s Trust while she recovered. They wasted no time to rescue a Chihuahua as sweet as life.

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Volunteers Rescue a Chihuahua after Owner is Taken Ill 5

When Janet’s beloved chihuahua, Rilla, became ill and had to be rushed to the vet, Rosie’s Trust – a brilliant charity which helps sick people and their pets – saved the day.

National Lottery-funded Rosie’s Trust supports dog owners like Janet who might be struggling to take care of their pets due to illness, disability or cancer treatment – but want to stay together.

So when Janet was taken ill after her pet pooch got poorly, the charity stepped in. Janet, 70, explains: “Rilla was in intensive care for five days. The trauma of it had an effect on my heart and I took a turn for the worse. They looked after her until I was well again.”

The trust now sends volunteers to walk Rilla through the week, so the little dog gets exercise.

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“I have osteoarthritis in my knees and shoulder so I’m not able to walk Rilla,” explains Janet.

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Volunteers Rescue a Chihuahua after Owner is Taken Ill 6

By playing The National Lottery you’re helping to raise £30million* every week for good causes like Rosie’s Trust.

Volunteers also look out for the elderly owners. “When I pop by to take Rilla out, it gives Janet a bit of social interaction,” says Susan. “I think she’s been lonely but the volunteers help alleviate that – they even phoned during lockdown to check on her and have a chat.”

Janet agrees: “Rosie’s Trust is brilliant. Rilla wouldn’t get out for walks without them and they’ve given me peace of mind she’ll be looked after if anything happened.”


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