Cats have been shown love, but what about dogs? Here are 25 signs your dog loves you. Including some not-so-subtle hints and humorous quirks that make us love our canine companions even more.

Reason number 2: ‘Licks your face frantically. No it’s not gross and unhygienic, it’s ridiculously sweet.’
Reason number 2: ‘Licks your face frantically. No, it’s not gross and unhygienic, it’s ridiculously sweet.’

Which Pet is More Loving – a Cat or a Dog?

Your dog cries hysterically when you arrive home, no matter how long you’ve been away.

Your dog licks your face frantically. It’s ridiculously sweet and probably just as exfoliating as a cat’s tongue.

Your dog jumps on you, possibly in a full body slam, leaving what we like to call “love marks.”

Your dog takes your clothing items onto the bed with them, just to be near you.

Physical Affection: Jumping, Snuggling, and Sitting on Your Lap

There are some physical affection signs for your animals to check out. Your dog jumps up, begging to be held, just to be closer to your lickable face.

Photograph: VEER/Getty Images
Photograph: VEER/Getty Images

The dog pushes your partner out of bed, claiming you for themselves.

Dog chews up your carpet because they want you to have nicer furnishings.

Dogs chases the ball you throw in the park because it loves you and wants to indulge your odd fetish for throwing tennis balls.

Your dog tries to get in the bath with you, just to be close to you.

There wakes you up, anxiously wondering when they should nudge you, so you can get to work on time.

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Valentine’s Day and Bonnie showers Bella with kisses Photograph: Bella Mackie
Valentine’s Day and Bonnie showers Bella with kisses Photograph: Bella Mackie

Emotional Expressions of Love: Crying, Licking, and Smiling

Your dog smiles at you. It’s true, our dogs can’t help but smile at us when they see us. That’s among the most common emotional expressions.

Your dog vets your dates, looking out for you to make sure that you’re with someone who is good enough for you.

Photograph: Lucy Ray/Battersea Dogs & Cats H/PA
Photograph: Lucy Ray/Battersea Dogs & Cats H/PA

Your dog snuggles as close as possible to you, even when you’re doing a tricky yoga pose. That’s a clear sign of physical affection.

Following You Everywhere and Waiting for You to Come Home

They follows you everywhere, including the loo.

Your dog sits on your knee, demanding to be picked up and placed on your knees, from where it surveys the scene (or waits for food).

Your dog waits at the window when they sense that you’re coming home, looking forlornly out, as though waiting for a lover to come home from sea.

 Photograph: Ivan Milutinovic/Reuters
 Photograph: Ivan Milutinovic/Reuters

Anywhwere dogs gets jealous when you pay attention to anything else, including humans, other dogs, or the cat nemesis next door.

The dogs brings you the lead because they know you need some exercise.

And eats anything off the floor because it wants to help you tidy.

The are so protective of you, showing their love in a sweet, but also embarrassing way in front of other people.

Dogs brings you toys every five minutes, just because it wants to play tug of war with you.

Your dog lets you cry on them, showing that they are always there for you.

Your dog tries to please you, even when they’re ill. And that half-wag of a tail is one of the most heartbreaking emotional expressions of love you’ll ever see.

Conclusion: Dogs – Man’s Best Friend

Beagle puppy chewing carpet,  Photograph: Kathryn Hearn
 Photograph: Kathryn Hearn

Your dog tries to please you when you’re ill, lying down next to you and mirroring your movements to make you feel better.

Your dog nose rubs you, showing you that they love you and appreciate everything you do for them.

In conclusion, our dogs show us love in so many ways, from the humorous and the quirky to the heartwarming and the tear-jerking. These 25 signs show just how much our canine companions mean to us and how much they love us in return.

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